Trying to decide between 2 programs

I am an international applicant in Grade 12 from the United States but I am a Canadian citizen that was planning to apply to McGill University. I am currently in the process of applying for an undergraduate course . I am trying to decide between Biology- Physics-Computational Science and Biology- Biomedicine and Life Sciences. I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine but have also considered computer science as an option. I have the following questions:

  1. Please clarify how these 2 tracks are different?
  2. Please also clarify what students who graduate from these 2 programs end up going into typically? I would like to know employment options and also what some of those students would pursue for graduate studies after either of these 2 paths.
  3. Do any of your students in these programs actually go into medicine ?

That is a pretty specific question. I’d suggest you post it to the McGill sub-Reddit. I’m sure some student(s) can answer.

Do you still have these questions? I have a friend who is graduating as a CS student at McGill. I can link you guys up.

Also, my little brother just got accepted, and we had a really good chat with a pre-med senior at McGill. We did it on (so we paid $15 CAD), but she was really well prepared and answered all of our questions.