Trying to decide between English, philosophy, and religious studies. Double major?

<p>Hello fellow transfer students,</p>

<p>I am applying to UCSB, UCD, UCI, and UCR for next fall. The problem is, I am still trying to decide which of these three majors: English, philosophy, or religious studies. My plan is to go to into academia--possibly in philosophy of religion or one of these disciplines--haven't decided. I would really love to major in philosophy to perfect my critical reasoning skills. I took Intro to Philosophy and Ethics last year with the same prof and received B's. However, I did not particularly like his teaching style, I never had the opportunity to write any take-home essays (my strong-suit), so the entire grade was based on tests (I don't consider myself a great test-taker to say the least). My interest in philosophy has grown since taking those classes. I am in World Religions right now, and I plan on taking two philosophy classes in the Spring. Those two B's are 2 out of 3 B's that I received last year and the rest were A's. I am trying to look at those grades as encouragement to work harder rather than discouragement in my (difficult) area of interest. My questions are: if I declared philosophy as my major would I be rejected because I didn't receive A's in two lower-division (basic) philosophy classes? Would I be more likely to be admitted as an English major (which I am interested in) with A's in my lower-division classes? Would it be possible for me to double-major in two of these as a junior-level transfer (I'll have 5 philosophy courses completed when I transfer)? Thanks for taking the time to read and, potentially, respond with your sound reasoning and well-informed advice :).</p>

<p>P.S. UCSB is my first-choice.</p>

<p>What you want to do is look on the website and find out what classes you need to take to be one major or another depending on the school. You won't be able to just transfer and hope to get in just because you've taken classes in the subject that you're major could potentially be, you'll have to follow ASSIST. Hope that helps :p I don't think any of those majors are impacted necessarily though so you probably have good chances if you applied and did the classes you needed to do on ASSIST.</p>

<p>Thanks for the response, I am aware of ASSIST and the only class that would be needed as a philosophy major would be Intro to Logic. Since these are non-impacted majors I think it is a lot more lenient. I was planning on taking any remaining prereq this Spring once I actually decided on a major.</p>

<p>Based on my experiences I have learned that it is best to just do whatever you are the best at. Don't major in something that you don't think you'll get mostly A's in or you will hurt your chances for getting into a good grad school.</p>

<p>Isn't GPA relative for each major? For example, wouldn't an English major with a 3.8 be considered just as competitive as a philosophy major with a 3.5 or 3.6?</p>