Trying to decide between Wake or Wofford -pre-vet

I am currently stuck trying to decide between wake or wofford. I am looking for a good pre-vet program and was wondering if anyone could share there experiences as a pre-vet student at either college!

I’ll try and find the guy whose child also goes to Wake, that is headed to UPenn vet school this year. Maybe he can help on that end.

I really don’t think you can go wrong as Wake is a great school; however, I am biased so I will share with you my Wofford story.

At 18, I was convinced that I would be a vet. I had my plan of going to Wofford and then N.C. State DVM school (I’m originally from East Tennessee). Maybe the best thing that happened in my life was that at Wofford I had several really engaging political science and humanities professors that challenged that dream and my dual path as a Biology and Government major at Wofford began. Eventually, I became less interested in physiology and chemistry and more interested in the environment, economics and political science. Eventually, I shelved DVM entirely and got my Master’s Degree in Environmental Health. Today, I do not in any way regret this decision. In my job, every day is challenging and different and I know that I am working hard to protect people and the environment.

I say the above, because I really think college selection is not about making you what you want to be, but really challenging what you want to be and providing different options that may be more personally fulfilling- different paths. Wake and Wofford will both do that, but I can share my personal experience that Wofford’s core curriculum of general education will stretch you into topics such as sociology, economics, government, philosophy and religion. One of those topics just may interest you to go a different direction.

Best of luck in your decision!

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