Trying to decide......

Any parents of currents Mechanical Engineering Majors or graduates at Cooper Union, Stevens, Lafayette, or RPI? My son is trying to make a decision, machine shop and hands on experience is very important to him as is a collaborative environment. He is interested in only competing against himself and enjoys working within team. Good, bad, ugly welcome!

@MammaDel , Cannot help with decision, just curious if you make a choice. Did you go to the acceptance student day? How do you like it?

We went to Stevens and Cooper Union, Lafayette this Friday. I am of the opinion that cooper is a pressure cooker for no real gain in the end. Stevens offers a rigorous program with balance. In the end it is my son’s decision. I am also a fan of the co op.

@MammaDel , Great choice Congrats… Stevens is a great school, i know people who graduated from there and do great and I also like co-ops. Did you go to RPI? That is one of my son’s choices as well. I have heard that is very hard to study at Cooper but my friend’s son that is a second year in had no issue finding internship over the summer.