Trying to enroll in college, but have no clue where to start

a year ago I graduated high school and joined the military. recently I have decided to take charge and go back to school. but I have no clue where to start. I graduated with a 3.4 GPA for my high school, but I was also taking classes at a community college while I was in high-school because of the program they had set-up. I ended up only getting a 2.1 GPA but only for the community college. while the community college courses still show up on my transcript my high school GPA remains the same. (I’m sorry if that got confusing). but now I’m trying to figure out the best way to get accepted into a university and continue on for my bachelors degree. due to my training in the service I also gained some credits that can be transferred. does anyone have any advice on how to approach the situation? thank you so much.

Have you completed your military service?

No, i have not. im still opened up for my benefits

When will you finish your enlistment obligation? You said you graduated a year ago, and most military service is longer than one year.

I graduated in august 2020 and enlisted in September. I have to serve 3 more years until my contract is done.

So are you planning to attend college three years from now?

If you know what your career path is, sometimes it’s a price aware thing to attend a community college first and take some general education courses. Your goal there would also be to get better grades than the ones you got in HS.

Public universities in the state in which you reside should be considered. Will you be eligible for all the GI benefits? That will help a lot.

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I plan on attending while I’m in service. I’m currently eligible for all my benefits, but I’m using a different program that covers tuition so I can save my GI Bill. i want to avoid community college, because the first time wasn’t the best. im just still a little concerned about my high school stats. it just makes me hesitant.

What state are you in? Many states have directional colleges with less stringent admission requirements. See if your state has one which you can commute to from where you live.

It sounds like you will be attending college part time…is that correct?

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