Trying to get my GPA up

<p>I am trying to find a cheap online high school. There was one offered by my state school but due to funding it was cut. I was looking at JHU program, but that is a lot of money. </p>

<p>Anyone know of school good online that are cheap</p>

<p>Also it has to be available in the summer or next semester</p>

<p>You can take courses at Florida</a> Virtual School for $400 a semester (or free if you're a Florida resident).</p>

<p>Only $400?!</p>

<p>Wait is this individually run or like is it a class setting?</p>

<p>I'm not sure, you should check.</p>

<p>FLVS is a "class setting" but you do everything individually, and at home on your computer. A teacher can have up to 150 students, all working at different paces. (I finished my Psych credit in 4 weeks; you're supposed to finish in 18). Sometimes, for "buddy work", you use chat rooms or email.</p>