Trying to make my essay unique

So, as many of you know, clichés are prohibited. You should never use them. But what if you use a plethora of clichés in your essay? As someone who is aspiring to get into top colleges, I want to separate my essay from others. I think that, if employed properly, using a myriad of clichés could work rhetorically to enhance my essay. I am still conflicted over if I should do it or not, as it is quite risky. What do you guys think?

If you use a plethora of cliches in your essay, then you should re-write your essay.


I personally would find such an essay more annoying than clever. Proceed at your own risk.

Very risky.

I guess you’re trying to subtly add humor or irony to your essay via “clever” usage of clichés. But that cleverness Is very easy for a tired, overworked reader to miss. Especially when they have only a few minutes to go through it. Don’t try to be clever - be authentic and simple.


Make your essay unique by making it one only you could write. Cliche is probably not the way to go about that.


You can always apply to schools that do not require an essay. Easy out.

I am not sure I even grasp this concept.

Authenticity and likability are important in essays.

The term “unique” is overused in regard to essays. Be yourself.

You can aim for “good enough.” A truly outstanding essay might make a difference, but in my view, you want to avoid harm. Trying to be too clever could do harm!


They will describe how they scored the winning goal at the homecoming game, all while burning the midnight oil, much like their great grandparents who passed through the gates of Ellis Island with only a nickel in their pockets, a song in their hearts, and an unshakable belief in the American dream, a journey which inspired their own trip to an underdeveloped country where they read books to orphans before coming back home and starting their own nonprofit which provides healthy meals to sick children while fighting racism.

I wouldn’t aim to write an essay that is unique, I would try to write an essay that is authentic. Authenticity and passion beat contrived uniqueness any day.


You need to be real, not goofy.

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Really….why are you asking this question at all. You gave yourself the answer when you said cliches shouldn’t be used at all.

Write an essay that is YOUR voice, not one that has a bunch of cliches that are other people voices. The essay needs to be you.

And if you only talk in cliches regularly, I can’t imagine what that would be like!

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To clarify, this was just an idea. I just wanted to hear what you guys thought.

I wrote a completely different essay


And on that note, closing

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