Trying to put together my college list


I’m a junior in high school and I’m looking for some help putting together a college list.
My stats:
After this semester approx. 3.7 UW and 3.86 Weighted
30 on the ACT and I plan on retaking it at least once more.
2 AP classes thus far as I transferred schools and no AP classes were offered at my old school
3 AP classes next year

internship with letter of recommendation from one of the heads of the company. It was a fairly large and well respected company.
VP of a tutoring club
some community service

1 player on high school tennis team

high school tennis team captain
internship from a smaller company with letter of recommendation

What I like in a school and what I’m interested in studying:
I would like to be either a business major or a finance major.
I enjoy smaller to mid sized schools although i’m not completely opposed to bigger schools.
I would prefer the school have a liberal vibe

Hi, obssessedwcollege,

You don’t mention if you will go anywhere in the country.

I would suggest University of Puget Sound. I think your numbers would still be strong there. They have a great business program with opportunities to go to Asia as part of the curriculum. It is somewhat liberal and just outside Seattle and Tacoma.


Yes, I am open to anywhere in the country. Thank you for the suggestion, if you have any others I would love to hear them. I hadn’t thought of Puget Sound before it could be a great option

Cost constraints? Do you need FA/Merit aid?

Do you want/plan to play tennis in college?

Do schools like Babson or Bentley with a pure business focus interest you or would you like a more broad-based curriculum where you can study business/finance?

What is your home state? What is your financial situation?

I have no financial constraints and can pay full at any school. I am good enough to play tennis for small division 3 tennis schools such as babson and bentley. I am not opposed to business focused schools. My home state is California.

  1. Do some research and compile a list of schools with strong business and finance programs. This should be your top priority when choosing a college or university.
  2. Review the schools on your list and pare it down to the ones that have the small to mid-sized school, liberal vibe that you are seeking. Also choose several safety schools that may not meet all of your requirements (particularly school size).
  3. Visit as many of these schools as possible, preferably on a weekday while classes are in session and you can get a sense of what the campus feels like and possibly sit in on a class. This is an important step - my daughter elevated some schools and dropped others on her list based on these visits (the preppy vibe at one school in particular really turned her off).

If you decide you want a liberal arts school environment, another one to check out is Trinity U in TX. Despite its Texas locale, it’s actually a liberal-leaning school (though middle-of-the-road-ish overall, I’d say). They have a huge endowment and a strong business program, and your stats would get you merit money from them ($17K/year, or $21K/year if you can get your gpa up to 3.75).

Their tennis teams are D-III powers (top 25 nationally) and regularly win their conference.

You will qualify for many fine schools. I would start by doing some reading/ research on your own. Some ideas…
-try running the supermatch function to the left (under find a college)
-get some college guide books (ex. Fiske, Princeton Review, Insiders Guide) and start reading.