Trying to start over :/

I know you can’t start form scratch, but boy do I wish I could, I did way to much hanging out and partying and I’m dying to start off with a clean slate
Alas, it is not to be

I started studying art, jumped to business administration and ended up with an overall GPA between both colleges of 2.87

A few years later I finally have the financial stability, the availability and the maturity to know what I want and stick to it


I can’t get into Biology with my current GPA. The admissions person is trying to get me in through History. He told me that it’s a way of getting my foot in the door and then I can take the necessary steps to change to Biology. Is this possible? I would not only have to up my GPA but also I would have to find a way to take some Math and Bio classes that aren’t a part of the History curriculum. What do you guys think.
I suppose I would have to make the full change right? or could a person plausibly seek to complete a double major in History and Biology??
Any guidance would be much appreciated thank you :slight_smile:

Reboot, what you are saying isn’t necessarily true. You can always apply for academic renewal. It removes any grades for up to two semesters from counting towards your GPA. I am not sure where you are trying to go to school, but a lot of schools will honor this. So if you can do this, I’d like to think your GPA could go up some if you use it strategically. BUT you can’t just pick and choose classes, its for the ENTIRE semester, up to two semesters. So if you have a couple of semesters of classes you dont need, get rid of them.

I was a mess the first couple attempts I tried to go to college. So I did this :slight_smile:

But unfortunately due to the impaction of pretty much all the popular programs or at least the ones that will get you a job after graduation, a lot of universities aren’t allowing students to change a major once they are in. If you are accepted, they make you sign a document stating that you can’t and won’t change your major. I think if you want to change your major,the only way may be to reapply.