Trying to transfer after my freshman or sophomore year at Michigan State

Hello, so long story short I didn’t really get into that many great schools this past year and now i’m going to go to MSU in the fall as imo they had the best package out of all the schools that accepted me. I had a 35 superscore ACT and a 1500 SAT but the main issue with my applications was my GPA, I overloaded my schedule too much and took pretty much all APs my junior and senior year and had a bunch of ECs that saw my GPA take a big hit those 2 years. Im going to be trying to get a degree in data science. And I know that I dont want to graduate from MSU so Im just asking what colleges do you guys think I should look into to transfer, I want to transfer to a to 10 program such as UofM or GT and im open to private Unis as well. And also what should I focus on during my time at MSU to make sure I have the best chance of getting in when I do apply to transfer, other than obviously my GPA. Thanks in advance.

I think you should wait and see how you do at MSU before making plans to transfer before you arrive. After you spend time there, you can determine if you are looking for a smaller school or one with difference advanced electives, for example. There certainly will be others with ACTs of 35 in the data science and engineering program.

Hey thanks for the advice, honestly the main reason I want to transfer is for the prestige aspect because I think it will help me for both jobs and grad school. But I see your point about how rn I dont really know what im looking for specifically.

In general I think it is a terrible idea to start one college with the intent of transferring out. This will stand in the way of your making meaningful friendships, developing relationships with professors, and getting involved on campus. Then if your transfer doesn’t work out as planned you will be really stuck. I’d go to the college you enrolled in with the intent of staying all four years. It is fine to throw in a couple of transfer applications down the road but don’t count on it working out.

The average ACT at MSU masks the fact that there a significant number of really smart students there and many highly-regarded faculty. With some enthusiasm and interest, you might get involved in some faculty research projects. Don’t go in with the attitude that you don’t want to be there and the school isn’t prestigious enough. Good luck! I am a spartan! @yash07gautam