Trying to transfer but I was previously academically disqualified

<p>My attempt to give a quick background story:</p>

<p>8 years ago, I attended Cal Poly Pomona, declared a business admin/CIS major, and only took GE's. However, I became academically disqualified because I just stopped going to my classes. When I got the notice, I was stupid enough to not care or research on how to appeal the situation. I decided to pick up a job thinking this was better for me. 4 years go by and I realized how stupid that was and that I needed to go back to school to get a degree. I decided to pursue an engineering degree and started taking all the GE's and some of the major prep courses at my local community college. Then 2 years of going to the community college go by and brings this story to the current time. </p>

<p>I believe I'm about ready to transfer, but advisors from different schools are scaring the bejezus out of me. I was told by an advisor at USC that in order to apply there, I have to be in good standing with ALL the schools Ive attended (I pretty much took that as they will reject me). Other advisors of different schools mentioned they will be looking at my cumulative GPA, which just passes a 2.0 with all the F's from Cal Poly Pomona... I went back to that school and spoke with the advisors and they said that I have to re-apply with them just like everyone else because I missed the 1 calendar year they give students to appeal. Cal Poly Pomona also said they will look at my cumulative GPA when I apply and I have a feeling if they do that, they'll reject me due to the 2.0 cumulative GPA...</p>

<p>So what can I do? Am I supposed to re-apply for Cal Poly Pomona again? Or can I apply to different schools? Or am I screwed...?</p>

<p>I don't know if I'll be able to help you or not, but let's lay out the facts a little more clearly.</p>

<p>How many quarters did you have at Cal Poly Pomona, and what was your GPA?</p>

<p>Then, assuming a transfer college would completely disregard your Cal Poly history, what does your current CC transcript look like? Eight full quarters? GPA?</p>

<p>My GPA at Cal Poly is 1.44 with 51 units completed. My current GPA at my CC is about 3.3 with completing 65 units after this semester.</p>

<p>A shot in the dark and not a true suggestion.</p>

<p>Can you call Cal Poly and find out if you re-take those failed classes in non-matriculated status and if you get good grade, would they take you back? IMO, at this point, its going to be difficult to be accepted by any other 4 year college.</p>

<p>You have options, the trick is to figure out where you can go. You mention USC (which you might not qualify for), but does that mean that you have the finances to afford to go to a private college? If so, there are some mid-tier privates you could get into. Also you should look into your "local" CSU (the one that services your CC) because you should get priority transfer to it--you have more CC units than CSU units, so you would qualify as a local transfer. If somehow you don't get in this year (the 2.0 cumulative is a bit low), maybe take another year of CC classes of easy-peasy stuff and get a 4.0 for a year to raise your gpa even more.</p>

<p>Basically the CSUs and UCs are a bit tough because they don't look as much at grade trends... but you may want to give them a try anyhow and see if luck strikes. However, there are many many many colleges, ones that do holistic reviews, that will mentally disregard your first gpa and consider you almost entirely on your current 3.3 gpa as the true measure of your abilities. The problem is that CSU/UCs are less inclined to do this (though try a few anyhow!) and for very "elite" privates a current 3.3 might not be enough. So, I suggest trying some schools OOS as well that appear to have holistic review AND would see a current 3.3 as competitive.</p>

<p>Artloversplus: I talked to pomona advisors and they mentioned that if I apply to their school again, they will take the average of the 2 grades I received for the same class... which blows...</p>

<p>annikasorrensen: I havent researched any mid-tier privates yet so i'll start researching on that. Do you know of any on the top of your head that has an engineering dept.? I have a feeling I might have to stay another year to try and reach as close as possible to a 3.5, but ill see if lady luck has a thing for me and just apply. thanks for the suggestion, I greatly appreciate it.</p>

they will take the average of the 2 grades I received for the same class... which blows...</p>



<p>That really sucks....</p>

<p>But more importantly, if they will take you back, if you do well on those classes. compare to a second/third tier school, cal poly is not bad.</p>