Trying to transfer...really nervous

<p>So here's the deal. I really want to transfer to really bad. Problem is, my high school grades sucked. Overall GPA in high school was a 2.3. I did, however, get a 1590 SAT and a 26 ACT, but that still doesn't make up for some of the crappy grades that I got. I didn't start college great either. Got two C's and two F's, which really killed me. I got a B and a B- in the two summer courses I took, and then took the last two semesters off. My GPA right now is a 1.61, and if I can get two A's in the summer classes I'm taking (I think I can), it'll go up to a 2.20, and if I can manage a 3.5 in the fall, it would go to a 2.88. Is that still too low? And if I apply now, can I request to be deferred until they see my Fall 2010 grades?</p>

<p>Here's a recap of everything:</p>

<p>HS GPA: 2.3
SAT: 1590 (Math 530, Reading 500, Essay 560)
ACT: 26 (English 29, Math 19, Reading 30, Science 27, Eng./Writing 27)</p>

<p>Current College GPA: 1.61 (after Summer 2010 it should be a 2.20, and around a 2.8 after Fall)</p>

<p>Am I a lost cause? I have been having some mental health issues during the last few years, is there a way I can explain that? I'm really concerned about the whole situation because I really, really want to go there.</p>

<p>I really hope you get your health issues resolved, sorry about what you've had to deal with. Unfortunately, I don't think explaining that to the admissions office will do much with your current grades. If you transfer before you get your AA, then they still look at high school stuff, and both your high school GPA and SAT are too low, your ACT is in a great range though. Your college GPA would more than likely get you flat our rejected, it's pretty low. In my opnion, if you could get it to a 2.8, that would still be somewhat low, but MUCH better. You can get more exact answers by talking to someone from UCF's admissions office since they can tell you exactly what they would expect from you. I wish you the best though.</p>

<p>Go to a community college, work your butt off and get that GPA above a 3.0 THEN apply to UCF and maybe you will get accepted. Although you have had some mental health issues, the admissions does not take that into consideration too heavily. Your grades and extras need to be increased. It does not seem that now is the time for you to transfer. It seems you need to focus on your education and getting your mental health issues under control before attempting to transfer and take on the stress of a new town, new classes, new friends, new everything.</p>