Trying to transfer to University of Washington

So, this is really strange thanks to COVID-19.
Long story short, I recently moved to Seattle so now I’m trying to transfer to UW Seattle. Unfortunately my GPA is kinda low (2.76) due to a couple of terrible grades in the fall 2019 semester even though spring 2020 I kinda bounced back. I’m trying to get into the data science field in when I graduate
However I’m thinking about a couple of backup options (Washington State, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma). How good are my chances if I want to get into CS/statistics/data science? Will COVID impact my chances?

I think that you need to give us more information.

Where do you currently attend college? Are you in a community college? Are you taking a break? If so, what are you doing?

Why is your GPA that low? Why do you want to attend the University of Washington?

Are you a US citizen or permanent resident? If so, are you considered to be in-state for the University of Washington? This might depend upon things like your age, and whether you parents also moved to Washington state.

A 2.76 GPA is very low for the University of Washington overall, and CS is a very competitive major there.

I think that you need to focus on other schools. However, it is hard to suggest more without knowing more information.

I’m currently a junior at UW Madison, my GPA is low because of a couple classes I did extremely poor in. My mom and I both moved to Seattle this June and yes we’re both citizens. I want to attend UW (Seattle is out of my reach but hopefully Bothell/WSU might have a chance…?) because it might be cheaper. Next year is when I might get in-state tuition.

Find out whether you will lose Wisconsin residency for tuition purposes, and what it would take to get Washington residency for tuition purposes before you make any decisions.

My original home was California so I’ve always been paying out-of-state tuition for UW Madison.

If you graduated high school in California after three years of attendance, out-of-state tuition will be waived for you in California public universities.

@SN2022, it would be very difficult to transfer to any branch of the University of Washington for CS/data sciences with your grades unless UWash finds that extenuating circumstances are valid enough and your previous credentials are strong enough to admit you. Unfortunately, I would not count on getting in, especially for such a competitive major. Wishing you the best with your relocation and application process.

How about Washington State University?