Tuff descision! help please

<p>So I am currently at a community college, i'm taking 15 credits, I am the president of my club, and i work a part-time job on the weekends. That should give you an idea of how busy my schedule is. </p>

<p>My supervisor is leaving which leaves an open spot for a supervisor and I would like to apply for this position. "IF" they did promote me to supervisor, I would definitely need to drop one of my classes. </p>

<p>Now my question is: Is this a good idea? Dropping my class would mean I would have a "W" on my transcript, but then on the positive side I would be able to put on my transcript that I was a supervisor. How do you think other schools would take this "w"?</p>

<p>woops, i didn’t mean to post it in this forum.</p>

<p>How many W’s do you have? If it’s just a few it’s not really a big deal. I would also consider quitting the club/asking someone to do co-presidency with you or taking one class pass/no pass, if it’s not a prereq/math/english. I really don’t think they care about a W, or even a couple W’s, though. Just as long as it’s not excessive. That’s my 2 cents.</p>

<p>I have zero W’s. And i can’t just drop the club because I am the founder as well. It took a lot of work to get it started so i don’t think i could leave it in the hands of someone else.</p>

<p>thanks for your input</p>

<p>1 W won’t hurt. I had 2,one was a gym class. I retook one and the other was “planned” on the application and I got accepted to UCSD. Don’t rush your decision though. I work full time and have been taking 19 units at a CC for a few semesters. I even did 50 hours per week of overnight shifts all fall semester while taking 19 units. I’m also part of a club. Much less time required than president though. Just know it is possible to juggle if you’re dedicated but a lot of people even have trouble working part time while in school. So think it through or try it out if you’re worried about the W. The hardest part is scheduling work and school around each other with enough time to study. Congrats on possibly becoming a supervisor!</p>