Tufts 2025 Waitlist

hey ! i didnt see a thread yet so i thought id make one:)

did yall send ur locis ?

Yeah! I wonder how many would be on waitlist rn :frowning:

ughhhh i wanna get off the waitlist so badly ! i sent two letters and got a peer letter of recc from a current student who is a family friend

I got in!!!

off of the waitlist or RD?

actually jk. I got confused with other colleges I got waitlisted from. For tufts, I didn’t send one cuz the waitlist form they told us to submit implied any locis or other additional recs were not recommended? I don’t quite remember but I just gave the form.

Anyone with any Tufts waitlist activity?

no clue. nothing was sent to me :frowning:

anyone heard anything yet ?

Nothing here. Anyone hear anything?

Nothing here. Perhaps it means no. Anyone who heard good news?

When I checked my portal just now there is a new question asking if I wish to remain on the Summer Wait List