Tufts, Boston College, Nyu..complete The List!

<p>are these good match schools for me..and what else should I consider?</p>

<p>I got to a really competitive highschool we're always in the top 20 in the nation </p>

<p>Right now I'm a junior and I should be getting about a 2000 on SAT
verbal: 630
writing: 630
math: 740</p>

<p>GPA: 3.65 (my gpa is low because 8th math counted, sinc ei was in 9H (c+) and spanish counted (b)</p>

<p>9th grade:
English 9: A
Intermediate II orchestra: A
Earth science: B+
Computer science I: A
Computer science II: A-
World History: A
Math 10R: B+
Spanish III: B+</p>

<p>10th grade
English 10: A-
Symphonic orchestra: A
Biology: B+
Health: A
Business/advertising: A
World History: A
Math 11R: B-
Spanish IV: A-</p>

<p>Classes (junior year): Symphonic orch, chem, AP US history, English honors, humanities, gym, AP spanish, Pre-calc, Latin X </p>

<p>classes that I'll probably take as a senior: Symphonic orchestra, ap bio, ap economics, ap govt, SUPA (college english class), creative writing, gym, ap spanish, AB calc, AP stats</p>

- Cummunity Action Committee(8,9,10,11) (treasuer- 11th, secretary- 9th)
- Interculural Unity Club(9,10,11) (committee head 9th-11th)
- Writing club(10,11)
- Tri-M (music honor society) (11)
- honor society (11)
- Vasity Club (11)
- Peer tutor (9,10,11)
- Spanish Club (9,10,11)
- Newspaper (10,11)
- JV field hockey (9,10,11) (captain 1oth & 11th)
- Varsity winter track (10)
- Varsity Lacrosse (9,10,11)
- horseback riding (5 years)
- viola (8 years)
- co-organized a large event for my scool to help needy children in India where we brought he whole school together and all the clubs and had a varsity soccer game play off (boys vs. girls) and fair and made thousands of dollars</p>

- spanish honor society
- Field hockey spirit award
- Editor choice award poetry.com
- published in top poets and poems of 2004
- Who's who among highschool students
- international soceity of who's who of poetry
- 2nd place Gold Haven Equestrian competition
- 2nd place Wheatley Invitational
- latin honor society</p>

<p>thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>oh and I don't want to do sports in college so that won't help me get in anywhere</p>

<p>How about:</p>

Boston U...Match
John's Hopkins...Match/Reach
Wake Forest...Match</p>

<p>thanks a lot blaineko</p>

<p>but does anyone think I have a shot at tufts, boston college, nyu?</p>

<p>Sure, you have a chance to be admitted to all three. However, I would put them in the category of realistic reaches, given your SAT and gpa.</p>

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<p>icemaker- so u dont think theyre matches?</p>

<p>what should be my match schools then?</p>

<p>Pepgirly --</p>

<p>Do you know your class rank? Top 5%, top 10%, top 20%? That will give me a better idea to assess matches.</p>

<p>I read your original post again and I am going to modify my original assessment. I did not originally realize that your gpa is based upon only your first two years of high school. If I assume that your gpa will be closer to 3.8 and that your class rank is in the top 10%, then I would assess Tufts, BC and NYU closer to matches than reaches. If your gpa stays in the 3.6 range and your class rank hovers around top 20%, then I would think that these 3 schools would be closer to "reachy matches" or "matchey reaches" (I tend to make up words in theses posts).</p>

<p>If you are looking for other matches (I assume that you are limiting your search to universities in urban settings), off the top of my head I think that should look at Vanderbilt, Washington University, Case Western, George Washington University (probably more of a safety), Georgetown (probably closer to a reach) and the University of Rochester. </p>

<p>I hope this is helpful.</p>

<p>Wash U and G'town may be more of a reach...quite competitive.</p>

<p>thanks a lot for your help
my brother is an alum so maybe I have a shot at gtown, but my first choice is tufts. </p>

<p>our school unfortunately doesn't rank, but I would get I'm in the top 10%.</p>

<p>If Tufts is your dream school, then I think that you have a really good shot. Oldman is probably correct about G'town and Wash U. It seems to me that admissions to Wash U, in particular, has gotten increasingly competitive in the last 5 years. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

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