Tufts Class of 2025 - archived thread

I don’t think there’s a discussion board for Tufts 2025 applicants, so here it is!

when do Tufts Regular decision results come out ?

Probably not until mid-late March.

So in my CA I mistakenly said no for financial aid intent when I already submitted my CSS profile to the college along with the IDOC.
I emailed admissions as well and will call asap.
Do you think they will change it and evaluate my application accordingly?

I believe that, considering tufts’ need blind policy, the admissions and financial aid office work independently. as such, I don’t see why this would effect your admissions chances, though your financial aid (if admitted) could be delayed. This is entirely speculation, and I could totally be wrong, but i think it’s gonna be good.

I don’t beloveds tufts is need blind, but need aware. I wish it was.

last year they release on Ivy day. Late March. This year Ivy day got pushed back to April

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any chance that decisions will be released in march this year? I know for the past few years it’s been on ivy day which is in april now.

i didn’t realize that. does the school still meet full need for accepted students?

Not sure to be honest. I would read the FA info on their site carefully. I know that someone’s FA need is considered when they apply and with this year being so strange and unpredictable I would assume if you were full pay your chances would be better. Maybe not ED as much because it’s binding, but RD for sure. Curious what others think.

I thought the 2024 RD board here was showing that decisions started to be released in waves starting around 3/16 last year(?)

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i could be wrong but i don’t think tufts releases in waves

I stand corrected, ty! According to the message board posts, decisions came out on March 26, 2020 at 7pm which was also Ivy Day decisions. It appears that the ‘waves’ were actually just those receiving an email that decisions were coming. Those email were starting to be received by 3/16/20. As others have noted, Ivy Day this years is April 6. Here’s hoping Tufts doesn’t drag things out that far, oof!


Question for while we wait—
What’s your impression of where tufts sits in terms of collaborative/competitive vibe? I have read other CC comments about NE intense/competitive vibe.

As someone who grew up and went to school in the NE, but has since settled in the PNW, I am really curious if people do see a regional difference, and if that exists at tufts.

Hey guys… gotta question as well, if tufts denies you an interview opportunity does it count as demonstrated interest for the applicant? and on what basis do they deny interviews, does it have something to do with app strength?

Tufts doesn’t deny interviews. Sometimes people ask for an interview but don’t get one because no alumni are available to conduct the interview. If this happens to you, it won’t count against your application. DS applied to Tufts, asked for an interview but didn’t get one and was admitted RD.

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Tufts is totally collaborative. Students are all willing to help and it is also promoted by everything Tufts does. That’s what led me here.


sorry maybe my wording wasn’t accurate. Thanks for the response, was really looking forward to one though cause I am not as confident in my app and congrats

I have tufts decision day down for April 1st.

why? it seems like it will be earlier