Tufts Class of 2025 Regular Decision


Guessing the tufts group would tell you to go to tufts for the great engineering program, but not sure what’s available at Williams. Also, have you had a chance to visit each campus to see if one felt like a better fit for you?

@annegp ya I know…I was hoping someone could little more insight. I visited both it’s just a hard choice

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What are the reasons for either choice ?

My daughter is currently touring the schools in the NE where she was admitted. Tufts and WPI are at the top of the list. She received very nice merit aid from WPI, which brings the cost down almost to our state flagship. She received nothing from Tufts (which we expected) but I am having a hard time accepting the $80K price. Does anyone think there’s any way we’ll get any aid from Tufts if/after she accepts? We’ve been applying to outside scholarships, but no results yet.

Not sure I would factor in aid after an acceptance, but there may be others more knowledgeable on this thread. If they are close in her mind, maybe use cost as the decider? Paying for tufts is definitely an investment. Especially if you have other pretty great options.

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Contact Tufts financial aid office. They are very responsive.