Tufts Class of 2025 Regular Decision

Thread for Tufts Class of 2025 RD Applicants

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I also applied RD. I live in VT but go to a school in MA. I’m hoping to major in chemistry and French!

Also applied-- I’m from North Carolina. Good luck everyone!

hey all! does anyone else have a section on their checklist on the portal for final grades due in June? seems like a weird thing to have on the checklist if i haven’t even gotten in yet lol. just asking because i know most colleges will wait to put stuff like that after decisions are out.

Yes, I noticed that a while ago and was very confused. Seems odd!


it’s standard

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Do we think Tufts will push back from their “by April 1” so that they can release on Ivy Day like they have in previous years? Or they will stray away from this and decide to just release a few days before the Ivies?

I’ll guess that they’ll stick with 4/1. On the one hand, with so many apps to consider and many applicants waiting to hear from the Ivies it would make sense to push back and leverage the extra days. On the flip side, I’d like to see Tufts be Tufts…manage their applicant process, give their offers, etc. without being so matchy-matchy with the Ivies. If they haven’t changed the date already it would probably look bad the closer they got. That said, if Tufts wants to give my kid an acceptance on Ivy Day I would not refuse. :slight_smile:


I agree. I think it would almost look bad for them if they only decided to change the date now, with only five weeks until April 1. Unless they need more time with more apps, I don’t think it is necessary for them either. Hopefully they’ll release them at the end of March and we’ll know before Ivy Day!

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My son got an email from Tufts today saying they will be releasing decisions in a few weeks and will send an email prior to releasing. Also, to please let them know if you have chosen another institution.

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at least they aren’t waiting until april 6. I wonder if it will be before the 20th?

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I wonder that as well. Did all RD applicants receive this email?

i would imagine. Nothing special about the email i dont think.

I also got that email. I was under the impression that they were releasing April 1st, but if it’s sooner that would be great.

I remember the long “wait” with my son…good luck to all!


Hey guys
Does anyone know the exact day when the decisions are coming out yet?

sadly no and i don’t think we will know until the day of, maybe day before

Hopefully sooner than later

why is this thread so dead bruh

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anyone have any guesses around when decisions will be coming out?

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