Tufts compare and contrast

Is Tufts more like Wesleyan, WashU, Emory or Georgetown? Would you say they are peer institutions in the humanities and social sciences?

Personally, I don’t think Tufts shares enough characteristics of any of them to be a peer. I think of their peer institutions being more like URochester or Brandeis.

Of those you list I’d say Wesleyan is closest in terms of campus culture and the humanities/social sciences. Tufts is more like an LAC in that they have quite a list of graduation requirements, particularly in the foreign language arena.

WashU and Emory are more preprofessional.

Georgetown is it’s own creature being in DC.

I think Wash U and Emory.

Thanks; what would be the peers of the other schools in your view?

Would you say WashU and Emory are very similar as between the two of them?

For Wesleyan, I would say Middlebury and Amherst would be the best matches.

Georgetown would be NYU and Northwestern.

WashU and Emory and pretty similar. I would argue that maybe Union is a lighter version of those.

Yes, both more preprofessional, academics oriented with less emphasis on sports. Political climate on campus is more moderate than Tufts as well.

They’re all fairly comparable, but each has its particular strengths – political science and anthropology at WUStL, IR at Tufts, religion at Emory, etc.