Tufts computer science options

Hello! I appreciate any help!

I am trying to decide whether to apply to Tufts Engineering, or Tufts Arts and Sciences for a BS in Computer Science. I am a STEM-kid so glad to take the tougher math and science courses, and actually there are some high-level math courses I am interested in taking. Also, I want to make sure I’m getting all the rigorous Computer Science courses that anyone gets at Tufts. But I also have different interests to explore, including a foreign language I’d like to take throughout college…and I’m not sure I feel the need for all the science and engineering requirements. I’m not sure right now of my career plans, but I’m considering Software Engineering or law school. Also, I know Engineering is much harder to get into, and I would not submit a Maker portfolio - that’s optional but I assume it makes you more competitive as an applicant.

And although Tufts is highly interdisciplinary, I am not sure I can fit a full foreign language courseload, along with the distribution requirements, into an Engineering curriculum. But if I apply for a BS in Computer Science within the Arts and Sciences school, can I add some higher level math and a few extra CS courses to make my program more math-CS rigorous? Will I be blocked from adding those extra courses? Does that make sense? I know some people do switch from Arts and Sciences to Engineering, but I’m not sure if that is always possible, for people who change their minds.

Thank you.