Tufts ED 2, chance me please? (:

<p>Hi! So stupidly, I didn't realize that Tufts was my top choice and it's a bit too late to do ED I but I'm eagerly applying ED II! (: So would you mind chancing me please? Thank you!</p>

<p>Asian girl</p>

One of the top ranked public schools in PA
Unweighted GPA: 3.76
Weighted GPA: 4.80/5.3</p>

Superscore: 2260
1- 800 Math, 620 CR, 630 Writing = 2050
2- 760 Math, 690 CR, 720 Writing = 2170
3- 720 Math, 670 CR, 770 Writing = 2160
Math II- 740
Korean w/listening- 730 (Yes, I'm korean but it wasn't my first language. I was born here)
Bio E- 700</p>

<p>Courses (Only the APs)
9th-AP Bio
10th-AP Euro, AP Chem 1
11th-AP Chem 2, AP Physics C, AP Calc BC, AP Lang and Comp, AP German
12th-AP Physics E&M, AP Stat, AP Lit and Comp, Calc 3, Hospital Internship for 7&8th period
AP Tests: Euro 3, Chem 3, Lang and Comp 4, Calc BC 5</p>

KEY Club - 10th/11th Publicist, 12th Treasure and Distinguished officer, raised $1,000 for an organization</p>

<p>Anti-Defamation League - 10th/11th Publicist, 11th- nominee and attendee for National Youth Leadership Mission (only 120 each year get to attend nationally), co-created new curriculum to stop prejudice and bullying throughout school</p>

<p>Church - 12th Youth Group VP, 11th Outreach Committee co-President</p>

<p>Allied Health - 12th Year long internship at hospital</p>

<p>Yonsei University - 10th summer intern at Yonsei Univeristy Hospital in South Korea</p>

<p>Lock of Love - 11th/12th Publicist, recruit about 20 girls to cut hair each year</p>

<p>Track - 9th/10th/11th JV sprinter/hurdler, 12th Varsity Hurdler/Sprinter</p>

<p>Orchestra - 9th/10th/11th School, 11th/12th Delaware County Youth Orchestra</p>

<p>Mission Trips - ROCK camp and ESPM Camp; both are intercity Philadelphia mission trips to tutor kids and mentor them (9th-12th)</p>

<p>*** Fire Company - 12th EMT</p>

<p>I plan on going into pre-med while majoring in Sociology. I know this is a deviation from the normal "bio/chem" major but I absolutely LOVE learning about social sciences and college finally gives me a chance to mix pre-med and social sciences.
I've always had an interest in Tufts since 10th grade. My friend brought it up to me for the first time because her sister went there.</p>

<p>oops, i forgot to finish why I love tufts!
I love their social science program and I AM considering IR, which is one of their biggest programs and it's AMAZING. They also have a medical assurance program after the sophomore year in college which I plan to apply to. Once I visited, I absolutely LOVED it there. I loved how I could see the whole city and how the campus was so lively and warm. There were ads everywhere, chalk drawings, etc. Oh, and how could I forget that cannon? (:</p>

<p>oh and taking AP Gov my senior year</p>

<p>Do you know if ED 2 is biding or non biding?
I want to apply ED 1 but in case I can't complete everything on time I want to apply ED 2 also.</p>

<p>ED2 is binding. You find out in early February.</p>

<p>The ED1 deadline passed on Tuesday (unless you were in certain states affected by the October storm, in which case it ends in about 103 minutes).</p>

<p>But for ED 2 can we apply to other schools as well?</p>

<p>^ Yes. You can apply to other schools but if you're accepted to Tufts you have to withdraw your applications from the other schools you applied to.</p>

<p>The same thing happened to me! I just realized i wanted to apply ED to Tufts, so now I have to apply ED2.</p>