Tufts ED 2, chance me please? (:

<p>Hi! So stupidly, I didn't realize that Tufts was my top choice and it's a bit too late to do ED I but I'm eagerly applying ED II! (: So would you mind chancing me please? Thank you!</p>

<p>Asian girl</p>

One of the top ranked public schools in PA
Unweighted GPA: 3.76
Weighted GPA: 4.80/5.3</p>

Superscore: 2260
1- 800 Math, 620 CR, 630 Writing = 2050
2- 760 Math, 690 CR, 720 Writing = 2170
3- 720 Math, 670 CR, 770 Writing = 2160
Math II- 740
Korean w/listening- 730 (Yes, I'm korean but it wasn't my first language. I was born here)
Bio E- 700</p>

<p>Courses (Only the APs)
9th-AP Bio
10th-AP Euro, AP Chem 1
11th-AP Chem 2, AP Physics C, AP Calc BC, AP Lang and Comp, AP German
12th-AP Physics E&M, AP Stat, AP Lit and Comp, Calc 3, AP Gov, Hospital Internship for 7&8th period
AP Tests: Euro 3, Chem 3, Lang and Comp 4, Calc BC 5</p>

KEY Club - 10th/11th Publicist, 12th Treasure and Distinguished officer, raised $1,000 for an organization</p>

<p>Anti-Defamation League - 10th/11th Publicist, 11th- nominee and attendee for National Youth Leadership Mission (only 120 each year get to attend nationally), co-created new curriculum to stop prejudice and bullying throughout school</p>

<p>Church - 12th Youth Group VP, 11th Outreach Committee co-President</p>

<p>Allied Health - 12th Year long internship at hospital</p>

<p>Yonsei University - 10th summer intern at Yonsei Univeristy Hospital in South Korea</p>

<p>Lock of Love - 11th/12th Publicist, recruit about 20 girls to cut hair each year</p>

<p>Track - 9th/10th/11th JV sprinter/hurdler, 12th Varsity Hurdler/Sprinter</p>

<p>Orchestra - 9th/10th/11th School, 11th/12th Delaware County Youth Orchestra</p>

<p>Mission Trips - ROCK camp and ESPM Camp; both are intercity Philadelphia mission trips to tutor kids and mentor them (9th-12th)</p>

<p>*** Fire Company - 12th EMT</p>

<p>I plan on going into pre-med while majoring in Sociology. I know this is a deviation from the normal "bio/chem" major but I absolutely LOVE learning about social sciences and college finally gives me a chance to mix pre-med and social sciences.
I've always had an interest in Tufts since 10th grade. My friend brought it up to me for the first time because her sister went there. I love their social science program and I AM considering IR, which is one of their biggest programs and it's AMAZING. They also have a medical assurance program after the sophomore year in college which I plan to apply to. Once I visited, I absolutely LOVED it there. I loved how I could see the whole city and how the campus was so lively and warm. There were ads everywhere, chalk drawings, etc. Oh, and how could I forget that cannon? (:</p>

<p>ahh come one people, help a girl out (: please? :D</p>

<p>I'd say you have a pretty good chance applying ED. The fact that you aren't from MA will help you. My cousin went to Tufts and he loved it! They are really big on community service, so make sure you put emphasis on all of your community service EC's. Your SATs are really good...judging by your scores, I would think you wanted to be a math major.. :D</p>

<p>hahaha i don't think i can sit in a room and solve theorem's all day ): hahaha but thank you so much for your input!
anyone, anyone else? please? pleaseee? (:</p>