Tufts ED Acceptance Rate

There are rumors floating around (mostly on CC, actually) that Tufts’s ED acceptance rate was 10.5%—is that true? If so, that would place its early acceptance rate below Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and more. The only schools with a lower rate that I know of (early) are Stanford and MIT.

I’m not an admissions expert but that seems extremely unlikely based on the 2018-19 data. According to the CDS profile, Tufts had 2262 ED applications and 957 acceptances last year (42% acceptance rate for ED). Additionally Tufts had a higher ED% for their incoming class than most ivies (64% of their freshman class vs 52% at UPenn for example). Therefore if Tufts did lower their acceptance rate from 42% to closer to 10% that would mean they got 400% more ED applications (very unlikely) or they had an institutional philosophy change to take more RD (even less likely since it would decrease their yield).

What I can add about Tufts ED admission rate rumours - that it is high because of lots of legacy and varsity sports applicants who are readily admitted/ So the question is whether this formally high ED admission rate (42% last year) can be a basis for the decision of “rank-and-file” applicants. This is based on rumours only…