Tufts ED2 2026

When do people’s applicant portals say their Midyear grades are due? Mine originally said Feb 16, but now there’s a note saying mine is due February 2nd…

My daughter applied ED1. The due date on the application portal for mid year grades was 2/16 until it disappeared on her acceptance.

Since ED2 decisions come out mid-February, a 2/16 deadline for grades makes no sense.

I think with mid year grades, regardless of stated due date you send when ready.

Emory’s was so early and we could not make it. They weren’t avail. They said they wait…many have the same issue. We sent asap. That’s what U could and should do. If you can’t meet the deadline let them know they’re not out yet. Nothing else U can do but that and sending them the minute they are avail.

Thanks, got it. Does anyone know when ED2 decisions are projected to come out this year?

@kat_magic, we see the same thing on my son’s portal, the February 2nd deadline for midterm grades. His HS likely won’t make it by then, as their mid-terms got postponed (Covid issues, snow days) throwing the whole process back. But he did send what he has to date via email explaining the same. All you can do, right?

Admittedly, this is obsessive of me, but I looked on IG for least years ED2 release: seems it was Feb 4th!?!?!

S22 spoke with his GC today and he said that Tufts will be next week…

Do we know when next week?

but if you base it on last year - it was the 1st Thu in February. We’ll be looking on 2/3…yikes.

Do you know how the GC knows? Did they hear it from someone at tufts? Or is it just based on when it was released in past years?

I don’t know GC’s source - and I am taking it with a grain of salt myself. S22 reported this to me…

Do you know if they will send an update email with a date/time beforehand?

They did last year

Just received! Thursday feb 3 7 pm ET :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Does everyone have the “Final Academic Transcript and Report” on their portal checklist?

yep, I believe it has been there since the portal was set up.

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my portal said ED2 decision coming today, Feb 2 by 7 pm

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Is this serious?

Forget it. Just saw the tufts admissions Twitter announcement. That was quicker than expected.

btw twitter page says thurs at 7pm, not tonight.

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