Tufts EDII 2025

Hi! I created this thread to talk about Tufts EDII. Do you think they’ll accept more students this year?

No idea. Everything this year is a crapshoot. Bookmarked as my D is applying ED2.

Does anyone have any idea how accurate the net price calculator for Tufts is? My family and I are hesitant on applying ED2 as we are not sure if we can afford it if I am accepted. Thanks!

pretty close. fyi Tufts was my most generous school last year

Did you file FAFSA? Tufts will cost pretty close to your EFC

Tufts was the highest NPC of the schools our son was looking at and I believe it is known to be more expensive than other options for some (most?) families. It seems that families do break ED agreements if the aid does not meet their expectation, but it seems that the family should always be prepared to pay around the EFC. If your family finds the EFC too high itself, then yes, perhaps consider other schools. Applying for the RD pool would allow you and your family to better compare the financial aid packages between schools and even allow you to negotiate for more money.

Very close given very recent experience (ED I). In fact, the grant component was a bit more generous than the NPC suggested.

Also, based on our NPC estimates, Tufts was one of the most generous schools. Only beaten by Emory and Wash U.

You might find this interesting

You guys are awesome, thank you! Decided to apply to Tufts ED2, and am very nervous.

DS just received his email to interview from Tufts alumni. Can’t wait to make it through these next 4-5 weeks! phew! :grimacing:

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s looking to a brighter 2021! I just happened to check my son’s application portal and see that Tufts lists a nebulous “Early Decision Form” in the Application Checklist. I assume this will be for eventual accepted students but there is no description provided, it does not give a due date, it is not listed in the 'Forms" list in the portal, nor does it seem to be listed on the Admissions site. Any scoop on what this is?? I can have my son follow-up on Monday and will try to be zen about it in the meantime or else will just launch in to “Serenity now!”. Lol.

I heard Tufts filled less than 20% of their 2025 class with ED1 meaning they will probably scoop up a lot of kids ED2 who didn’t get into the Ivies. Has anyone heard about stats for ED2 vs RD?


pretty accurate

This is actually a form that the parent must sign when an ED application is submitted. It’s a simple statement saying that you understand your child’s ED application requires that they withdraw all other applications if accepted. I don’t recall the process exactly, but I believe the form pops up on Common App as part of the process of submitting the application. You get a confirmation email after you sign it.


Awesome, ty. Sounds familiar but will check CommonApp. :+1:

Hi! Hoping to give a little bit of data because I know Tufts doesn’t report it. There are about 1500 kids per grade, and in the ED1 accepted students’ Facebook group, we have 487 members. I think they’ve filled about 1/3 of the class. Good luck!!


How much of the class is usually filled by ED/EDII students?

Are ed2 students compared with rd?

Has any of you been contacted for an interview yet?

Tufts Daily reported that back for class of 2020 and 2021 is was around 50%. I haven’t been able to verify this for more recent years. 1620 students were enrolled for last year and with increasing enrollment, they perhaps may be seeking upwards of 850 from ED rounds. I’ve read that the nat’l average for ED yield is around 88% and if more folks get cold feet this year it seems like they might need to make upwards of 1000 offers to keep the ED portion of total enrolled to 50%. 2550 applied ED last year and that is likely to jump around 15% based on other schools. If so, we could be looking at around 3000 apps for around 1000 ED offers or ED admit rate around 33%. Those are just my back-of-envelope numbers and may have no basis in reality! :slight_smile:

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