tufts hates NYS

<p>35 people from my school applide to tufts last year , all top students, and tufts accepted 4- they must hate new yorkers</p>

<p>yep that must be it. or maybe its just diffiucult to get in from NY, considering about 874,495,384,043 people apply from NY to tufts each year...</p>

<p>Many years ago a friend from Bronx Science applied to Tufts and was rejected --but she was accepted at U Chicago and U Michigan. Our GC told her that Tufts "never takes anyone from Bronx Science. " Don't know if that is still true today.</p>

<p>its funny, bc in my school as i said, tufts is virtually impossible to get into</p>

<p>but my cousin from new orleans says that 2 years ago (when she was applying to colleges) that tons of people from her school got into tufts, but they mostly got rejected by BC...... in NYS its the complete opposite! </p>

<p>in conclusion; geographic restraints are ridiculous, everyone should be viewed equally, not in perspective to where they live</p>

<p>So I hear...</p>

<p>It sucks since its like my 3rd choice so I actually want to go...unlike many who use it as an Ivy safety</p>

<p>I wouldn't say it's impossible to get into from NY. It's just that there are a lot of people in NY and a lot of really good schools. They can't possibly take 35 people from one school. So like it or not, the people that apply "against" you from your school, might (depending on their admissions system, not specifically Tufts) affect you. </p>

<p>My guidence counselor (although I'm not sure I fully trust her in everything) also thinks they sometimes take a look at the students that they've gotten from your school in recent years. If they see a lot of capable students coming from your school, they might be apt to take a few more. But you know they can't take all 35. And NY is really dense, it's not just 35, you're actually taking about people from Bronx Sci, Stuy, etc. etc. Lots of wicked smart people in one geographic area. </p>

<p>I know it's ridiculous, but it's all about what looks good in a guide book. Some school (can't remember which one) around here was looking for applicants from South Dakota, b/c they currently don't have students from all 50 states (gasp!). So bets are, if we're competing against someone from SD, they're in.</p>

<p>"It sucks since its like my 3rd choice so I actually want to go...unlike many who use it as an Ivy safety"</p>

<p>hahahahahahahahAHAHAHHAHA ohhh my god...that was funny.</p>

<p>i know all 35 cant be admitted, but id expect at least the normal 26%, or 8-9 to get in. in fact, with the quality of these applicants, it should be a higher percentage accepted, but once again college admission is ruled by stupid factors like race, locations, legacys, wealth, eh ... its just frustrating to know that ill probly get rejected and some way underqualified kid from montana will have my spot</p>

<p>complain some more, stonecold, i dare you.</p>

<p>lol guys guys thats nothing. I live 2 towns away from Tufts. My whole shoool like applies there</p>

<p>but tufts like to take local people...
almost all suburban/rural colleges do.</p>

<p>shut up princeton</p>

<p>hahah. ^ oh no you didnt...!</p>

<p>ladies, please, civility.</p>