Tufts - how tough once in

<p>Once admitted, if luck enough to be, and you're at low end of SAT range....how hard to keep up in classes?</p>

<p>What type of academic support is there?</p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Depends. Tufts will make you work, but there is huge variation among the majors. If you eek into engineering or pre-med, you'll have a rough go of it. If you get in, resolve to not overburden yourself with tough classes, take one major, maybe a minor, do a few classes over a summer to ease workloads during the school year, plan your schedule well, go into office hours, then you can probably handle the work. I do not think that they would let in someone whom they think could not handle the work.</p>

<p>Both freshman dorms have resident tutors who can help you with almost any subject. There is also some form of academic tutoring through a center (not entirely sure how this works - but some of my friends were peer tutors) that can help you. The professors are generally very accessible for help.</p>

<p>also at a school like tufts known for IR, that major isn't going to be a peice of cake, but a lot of their other majors that they're not specialists in are going to be a lot easier</p>

<p>I disagree. It doesn't matter what major you partake in, there are generally high standards that have to be met - regardless of the "dififculty" of the major.</p>