Tufts Major -Community health - 2025

My S is considering applying to Community health major at Tufts University. Any one here that is in Tufts community health major ? Any suggestions/advice/input appreciated

She would apply Liberal arts (no specific major) other than interest. Definitely indicate interest…not “undecided”

I originally was thinking of majoring in CH but now I’m drawn to Cognitive Brain Science. that’s the great thing about their curriculum…very flexible to explore.

Make sure her Why Tufts essay is very specific. Mention classes and professors she would like to take.

Thank you.
ACT=35 ; SAT =1570
What are the chances of getting into Tufts

She has amazing chance. My stats were slightly lower…but interest means A LOT

Some kids at my school got denied with higher stats

Demonstrate interest any way possible!!

This is what I did
visited the school twice
went to two local Tufts in my neighborhood meetings
signed up on mailing list
enrolled in summer program -junior year
sent thank you emails to every administrator I met
signed up for interview
corresponded with interviewer afterward
and finally contacted my admissions rep in charge of my area

Her essay should reflect how well she knows Tufts and why she wants to be there. Be specific, not generic

Hi, may I ask how to find job placement examples for graduates in CH? My daughter wants to apply for the major. She really likes TUFTS and we love what we are reading. However, the price is worrying us. With a major like Community Health, will it be worth it? She will have to do a grad degree and even then jobs are not that easy. Do you have any thoughts? Thank you so much.

On their website they have info on placement and outcomes by major.
They are also generous with aid. She may also change her major. I was thinking CH and now I’m Cog & Brain Science. Looking to go to law school.

Thank you so much. Is Cog and Brain Science a very heavy major? May I ask her to get in touch with you so that she can ask you a few questions/