Tufts or Wesleyan? please help

<p>They all gave me really good fin-aid. Tufts is more cookie cutter, but has a better international relations program and is near Boston. Wesleyan is ultra-liberal, people are ultra- friendly, but Middletown sucks. Can you guys help me decide? I only got a week.</p>

<p>Browse around the other topics here, you're not the only one!</p>

<p>Hey leafy2blue, this is really funny because I was exactly in your situation three days ago. I visited Wesleyan University on Wednesday and Tufts University on Thursday. After visiting both schools, I realized that I was dealing with two totally different schools! I mean Wesleyan University is superduper-hyper-ultra-liberal. </p>

<p>I guess what I am trying to say is that if you want to be crazy-liberal then go to Wes, but if you want to be just liberal go to Tufts. Also, if you are considering IR, then you should really go to Tufts lol :)</p>

<p>Hey leafy, my sister goes to Wesleyan and I'm going to Tufts, and I looked at Wes soo yeah.
Location: Boston rocks way more than Middletown, but Middletown's not beat, there are some cute places and the campus at Wes is always teeming with things to do.
Politics: Liberal or not, I'm big on having political discussions and debates; at Wes they pretty unbalanced...its more about degrees of left
Party scene: I've stayed at Tufts 3x and not experienced the party scene :( and at Wes it was kind of a silly party night...big on dorm parties and lots of smoking, not big state school drinking parties though
People: I have to say, while the people at Tufts may be cookie cutter, the people at Wes are SOOOOO weird!!! I was practically shunned by my sister's friends because I was wearing Hollister (apparently very preppy? idk) I dont know, I'm big on individuality, but everyone I met was just WAY out there. Both schools have friendly people though, in general.
Academics: pretty comparable - both are top tier schools, but Tufts is definitely way better known. At work people ask my dad where his kids go, are going and 9/10 people have heard of Tufts whereas like 2 have heard of Wesleyan.</p>

<p>hope that helps!</p>

<p>Unbearable lightness of being versus Jumbo.</p>

<p>I was deciding between Tufts and Wesleyan too (chose Tufts). One other perk of being near a city is that the chance of closing yourself into the college world bubble is lower. It's still perfectly possible and if that's what you're looking for, you can do it at either school, but for work experience/internships/community work, Boston can sort of be your playground.</p>