Tufts or Wesleyan

<p>This is the first message of this forum!</p>

<p>Should I go to Tufts or Wesleyan?</p>

<p>Tufts pros: Wesleyan pros:
-near Boston -people seemed very friendly
-good Int. relations program -more artistic/creative/free
-bigger -politically active
-great dining services -diversity</p>

<p>cons: cons:
-people seemed preppy -Middletown is where?
and not as unique/intellectual as Wesleyanites. -too liberal/weird?</p>

<p>do u mean wesleyan college or wesleyan university... cuz they are VERY different... one being top 20 the other being 3rd tier or something</p>

<p>Yea, you need to repost this on the Wesleyan <em>University</em> page. Wesleyan College in Georgia is all girls, I believe.</p>

<p>The previous message was posted ages ago, but I wanted to point out that female students of college age are women, not girls.</p>