tufts rd chances?

<p>sats: 2090 ( 1400 math and cr)
sat II's: bleh 740 math 660 u.s
act: 31 ( dont know if they should be sent)
gpa: 96/100
courseload: 12 ap classes, all rest honors basically ( much more than anyone else in my grade)
rank: top 10 percent
location: long island, white</p>

<p>ecs( just the most important)</p>

<p>senior class president
national honor society president
wall street investors club president
spanish honor society president
editor for newspaper ( not main editor)
comittee position in model un club
captain of economics competition team</p>

<p>bunch of honors ' best business student in school' but nothing really special</p>


<p>started my own record company. i manage some local bands, work on their album, pressing, promotion and such as well as myself i am a musician ( hip hop blah if u dont like it haha) so my essay does focus on my business</p>

counselor: glowing
teachers: will say one of best student in _____ years, other should be solid as well</p>

<p>k word? anyoen</p>