Tufts REAL Program 2021

Hi everyone, just wanted to create a thread for REAL applicants out there.

Hi! Have you heard anything?

Nothing yet. I’m thinking we’ll probably hear back in about two weeks… Can’t wait!

The waiting game is tough! I’m surprised nobody is in this thread, hopefully that’s a good thing for us!!

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I know! I’ve heard it’s not a popular program… But still, pretty competitive, as they only accept a handful of people every year.

I didn’t make it into Yale, so I’m really dying to find out about REAL. Have you had any updates?

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I’m sorry about Yale! This is such a stressful time… Do they have a program similar to the REAL program?

I didn’t get into MIT, but that wasn’t really a surprise, lol. I did get into University of Rhode Island and University of Massachusetts Amherst, both fairly easy to get into. Still waiting on Brown, Tufts, and Northeastern!

As for Tufts, going by the previous years, it looks like they release decisions in waves, and the first one might be tomorrow. Although, that’s for regular transfers, I’m not really sure about REAL program transfers. If it’s not tomorrow, then it’s definitely next week!

Thanks! Wasn’t meant to be. Yale has a program similar to REAL, it’s called the Eli Whitney Students Program.

I only applied to Tufts and Yale this year. I was able to return to school because of the pandemic, so I don’t mind spending another year in CC.

I did get waitlisted at Tufts though. How’d you make out?

I was also waitlisted! It seems like they waitlisted a lot of people this year…

I’m glad you were able to return to school! I also applied from a community college, but have been going part-time for 4 years, so I’m super excited for this next step.

Let’s hope for the best!

Also, I’ve heard of people who applied several times to these programs before they got in, so if going to CC for another year is an option for you, I think you can totally apply again next year! This was just the worst year to transfer, I think…