Tufts Summit summer program

<p>My daughter is considering the Tufts Summit program in France for this summer. IR course plus French immersion. Anyone had any experience with this (or know of someone who has)?</p>

<p>I did not do the programme, but know people who did it and loved it. I also went to Talloires after graduation and loved it. It's a beautiful location, with a town which is small, lovely, walkable, and, well, amazing. It's about an hour from Geneva (requiring a bus, train, and taxi ride if using public transportation!) and about 15 min from Annecy, the capital of Haute Savoir. The town is well acquainted with Tufts students, having had TUEC there for 26 years.</p>

<p>Thanks! The proximity to Geneva, and the opportunity to visit some of the UN organizations, is a big plus.</p>

<p>Amazing place. I didn't do summit but did Tufts in Talloires during the summer between my frosh and soph years. Great location---you either live in Talloires which is more suburban/rural or Annecy, which is the local French city. While there is anti-American sentiment in France, all the locals love the Tuftonians. Food is amazing as well.</p>

<p>In addition to the UN, the World Health Organization, Red Cross and a bunch of other NGO's are in Geneve. I'm not familiar with how Summit works, but I believe students have an option of some Intl. Relations seminar. As our IR program (both grad and undergrad) is TOPS in the nation, the academic attention any students receive will be of much value. When I was in Talloires, I had the benefit of taking Human Rights under Prof. Hugo Bedau, the famous human rights activist and the chief scholar on the death penalty. I think he teaches the Summit course as well---not sure.</p>

<p>I can say more about host families, how to prepare, etc etc if you wish. I actually was asked to review the high school programs' applicants my sophomore year when I returned, so I have an idea of what the program is looking for. While the undergrad program is first come first serve, I believe its more selective for high school students?</p>

<p>Hope this helps!</p>

<p>Your feedback is so helpful, thank you. Could you expound a little on host families? And what the program is looking for in its applicants?</p>


<p>The host families are fine. With the undergrads, most had a good time. A few friends I remember had problems because their families weren't feeding them enough---my friends were huge though I took their complaints with a grain of salt! I'm not sure how deep the immersion levels are for Summit itself, but it varied for the undergrad program (better English speaking families for beginners, complete immersion for the more advanced speakers). Overall though, the experience should be fine--I think you all end up being paired with another roommate anyway (for Summit at least) so its not like you will be stranded...</p>

<p>Oh, forgot about the last part.</p>

<p>In terms of you application, try to apply your international experiences and how you've been enriched by them. Flirt with substantive aspects, if you will, (like what you would write on an essay regarding some current event pertinent in international relations), but try to place such knowledge and experience in perspective of how its contributed to your persona/outlook on things. That's pretty much the Tufts theme, as the university attempts to take a comparative advantage via an internationally themed angle.</p>

1. Focus on your school/extracurricular activities and classes that have affected you (in terms of international outlook, etc etc...emphasize the global/international theme)
2. Perhaps state an opinion on some current event and be substantive about it (but not doing so to the point of mitigating your personality from the essay, since the essay is about you)</p>

<p>Hope all that makes sense!</p>