Tufts third supplement essay

<p>What do you think? </p>

<p>For the second short response, we asked you to consider the world around you. Now, consider the world within. Taste in music, food, and clothing can make a statement while politics, sports, religion, and ethnicity are often defining attributes. Are you a vegetarian? A poet? Do you prefer YouTube or test tubes, Mac or PC? Are you the drummer in an all-girl rock band? Do you tinker? Use the richness of your identity to frame your personal outlook. (200-250 words)</p>

<p>I have always been driven by my imagination. When I was little after reading the Thorton Burgess stories I use to stay up for house pretending I was the sister of Jerry the Muskrat or a beaver friend of Paddy the Beavers. I am one of those people that stare outside watching people walking by and in my head create their life stories. I come up with their name, their career, their home life and whatever facet of their life I can think of. I call it people watching. It’s a great way to spend time but I think this is one of the reasons I love theater. I love delving into a character discovering their flaws, their secrets and portraying them. I get a chance to break away from the sleep deprived but energetic teenager I am. Even if I am not acting I love watching theater. I become drawn into the story with such a passion that I feel that I am a part of the play. Before I go to sleep I take the endings of my favorite TV shows, books, movies and plays and continue the story in my head. Sometimes the endings of the story are joyous and perfect while other times they take the drearier route. My creativity, love of people and stories help drive my imagination in all aspects of my life.</p>