Tufts Transfer Fall of 2021

Anyone else applying to tufts as a transfer?


I am!

nice! Where are you transferring from?

Why are the tufts transfer threads so cold, it feels like no one is applying? and why is nobody applying? is it really tough to get into tufts?

I’m applying from a near by community college, with 3.6 GPA as Computer Science Major.

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I’m not sure. It’s hard to get in so I’m assuming a lot of people will apply I don’t know why these threads are dead

i am!! i sent my app in a few days ago

Me too! Where are you transferring from?

I’m transferring from a nearby community college
with 3.6 GPA on 45 credits.

I am!!! First year BHCC student from MA


I’ve heard May 14th

@jezmae What’s your major and stats like?

Im a freshman at a local community college, in the honors college.
Applying for Econ at Tufts, current Liberal Arts student
Im a black, immigrant (dreamer) female in STEM born in Geneva Switzerland. Bilingual. I wrote a pretty good essay about being :sparkles:different​:sparkles:

HS GPA: 4.01 w
CC GPA: 3.9

SAT: Not submitting but I got 1150

EC in HS: Makeup Club President and Founder
Varsity Volleyball 3 years
Varsity Lax
JV Basketball
PEER Leader
SPARC Leader and Ambassador

Did check in for STEAM Saturdays for kids

Internship at Military College studying Samuel Adams
Internship as a Marketing Intern (for METCO Program) at Youth and Drug Coalition

NHD Regional Finalist
2nd place at Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Award
can’t think of them all rn

I have also applied for transfer to Tufts. Major: Computer Science (College of Engineering). International student.

I applied for transfer too! I’m transferring from my local community college and I applied for Political Science and INR. I’m dying to hear from them

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A month more of patience! We got hold of each other here! And then everything will be fine, we will hear if we got in or rejected and will find our own happy spaces to spend the rest of our academic years!

I was looking at my CSS profile and noticed that on the ‘Colleges & Programs’ section, it says Tuft’s award letter date is 5/15. I wondering if that means decisions will be out on the 15th!

Yes, decisions come out on a rolling basis around May 15th beginning early may!

Waitlisted. Applied to BFA program at SMFA Tufts, international student

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Did you get your result? Are decisions out?