Tufts Transfer Fall of 2021

Anyone else still hoping for acceptance off the waitlist?


I think I am goin to UMiami so hopefully one of u get in off the waitlist.

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has anybody heard about the waitlist yet? also does anyone have info on when we should hear back by? im so nervous

D just received an email that the waitlist is closed.

do u guys know if there is anything we can do ?? tufts was my dream school i so badly want to go

Did you receive an email? Maybe just certain applicants received it and others are still on the WL.

Not really but you never know. I’m surprised they closed it already given that there could be some movement due to international students not getting their visas on time, and there are other schools still rolling out acceptances but I guess they feel confident in their numbers.

Tufts was my top choice as well. I think they did not accept anyone off the waitlist and I don’t believe they accepted many to begin with. I was in a group with the accepted transfers and there were only about 10 people in it. I feel that they gave us false hope with the wait list so I am a bit frustrated but I am trying to be happy about my other schools.

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There was 30 people in the FB group At least. Im surprised they closed the waitlist. I gave up my spot because I am deciding between Notre Dame and Umiami.

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A lot of those people were current students though right? are you referring to the ttsa one

Great choices! But wow on the weather differences lol!

I think only four were current students.