Tufts Transfer Fall of 2021

Oh so it won’t be rolling admission? Or they will send an email with the date that rolling admission begins? But yeah I’m very nervous but also very hopeful for all of us!

Yes, it would be rolling admissions. So either they would email when the decision day would begin or especially when YOUR decisions are out( different for different people). It could be any day! I am so anxious!

I thought it wouldn’t be rolling admissions. How do you know?

It is rolling as mentioned on website

Weird that I didn’t see it. Mind sending me the link to it? Thanks!

Does anyone know if the decisions for REAL program transfers will be released along with regular transfers? There’s almost no information about the REAL program anywhere :frowning:

i’m a transfer applicant too! i’m a first year from northeastern university. i’m applying for the college of engineering.

my high-school gpa was a 2.1 (ouch!)

my college gpa is a 3.9.

no word from tufts yet but i’ll let you guys know!

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You can find more information here about REAL program at Tufts: Applying as a REAL Applicant | Tufts Admissions

Hey! I have applied to School of Engineering to study Computer Science. And you? I wish both of us get in ! I am an international.

my intended major is mechanical engineering. Best of luck to you too!

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Hey guys! My portal just says “Testing Requirements: SAT or ACT” missing… Do I need to submit my scores by CB?

Has it recently been showing? Or from before? In case you have chosen on application to apply with scores, please do send them or email admissions for clarification.

Did you self report your scores?

any guesses to when decisions are coming out? any hope for today or tomrrow?

They have not emailed anything about decision date and that’s what I have been waiting for!


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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Tufts accepts self reporting but if you’re admitted and choose to enroll at Tufts then you’re required to send your official scores. Agree with @Lightening20, call and confirm that you don’t need to send official scores now. Since Tufts usually requires scores maybe they forgot to check it off for you.

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I am from northeastern too!