Tufts Transfer to Cooper Union or MIT!

<p>What are my chances at transferring to either Cooper Union or MIT for chemical engineering?</p>

<p>SAT: 2100: 800 M, 630 CR, 670 W
SAT II: 740 M II, 730 M I, 690 Physics
7 APS: 4 5s and 3 4s</p>

<p>Tufts GPA: Looks like a 3.97 or above (9 credits with only 1 A-Minus in Japanese and 2 A+ in chemistry)</p>

<p>EC: a bunch... not really an issue</p>


<p>btw.... high school gpa UW : 4.0 rank was 8 of 444</p>

<p>Extremely slim. Those two schools have acceptance rates of less than 10% for regular applicants. Your chances are, at best, 1-2%.</p>

<p>Just wondering, but why are you transferring from Tufts?
Thats one of the schools I'm looking at and I'm just wondering what current students like or dislike about it.</p>

<p>Its a great school. I actually love it here. Close to the city, great academics without the stress accompanied with an ivy. The reason why I'm transferring is because I wanna challenge myself at a better engineering school.</p>

<p>just found out today that i got accepted into cooper union... heh</p>

<p>woah, congrats!</p>