Tufts University Fall 2022 Transfer Thread

Hello everyone, I did not see a transfer thread for this cycle so I thought I would start one.

The anxiety is real, one more month until we get results :frowning:

Do you know for sure it is by mid May?

over enrollment, check this out

Editorial: Tufts infrastructure fails to accommodate student enrollment - The Tufts Daily

Way to make everyone more anxious about admission results. The unfortunate reality right now. Let’s all pray it works out.

Anyone have any idea or update on notification date?

when will they release?..

we expect this friday

Just got a mail from tufts, Friday at 3 pm ET. Good luck guys!

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Thanks a lot for emailing them! I’m both excited and terrified for Friday lol

I think they sent a mail to everyone who applied

I just received mine so I assumed you emailed them.

do we have any international transferee?

I am!

What country are you from ( only if its okay to share), and have you asked for aids?

Spain, and I didn’t ask for aid

Withdraw button is gone for me! Self-report is still up, is it the same for you guys? sending good luck to all <3


Same here

Yup. Only self-report button