Tufts vs Hopkins RD? Both reaches, but what do you think?

<p>Hey guys..</p>

<p>basically if I'm doing a reach school app for RD is it more worth it to do Tufts or JHU?</p>

<p>SAT: 2070 (Math: 720, Reading: 660, Writing: 690)
GPA: 3.7/4 - elite boarding school
class doesn't rank, I think top 15 percent though </p>

<p>essay: pretty good </p>

<p>I don't have any hooks (white male from jersey) I'm kind of just relying on academics. Although I am openly gay and can contribute to campus's gay community and clubs etc. </p>

<p>EC's - relatively good, president of mock trial and spanish club, newspaper, GSA, feminist club, camp counselor, other clubs etc. </p>

<p>I'm applying ED 2 to Midd but I don't have a lot of hope and as an RD for the hell of it which do you think would be worth filing out an app for?</p>


<p>Do both. I assume that you have SAT IIs, which are hopefully above 700. Your reading is low for both schools, but it’s a crap shoot, so go ahead and apply.</p>

<p>I think tufts may be a bit more holistic than Hopkins. So writng great essays and having decent recommendations will really help your application. I think you have a good shot at both schools and I would say apply to both because this admissions game is a crapshoot.</p>

<p>Side note, we’re applying to the same schools. I’m torn between tufts and Midd for ed2 </p>

<p>@tu2019‌ thank you!
@Anduar3‌ haha I honesty love both schools… Tufts is nicer in my opinion because it’s not isolated and Boston is awesome. But I love Midd. </p>

<p>If you have completed the essays for both I would honestly apply to both. the ~$80 is not that big of a deal compared to the thousands in financial aid one school may give you over the other.</p>

<p>If you only picking one I would go for Tufts. Hopkins has a lower acceptance rate and I’ve heard some people say that the applicant pool is a little self selecting (because of the premed reputation).</p>

<p>In the end though, while you may have a slightly better chance at Tufts, I would not be surprised at all if you got rejected from Tufts and accepted to Hopkins.</p>

<p>At my youngest son’s public high school, according to naviance, it’s easier getting into JHU…Lower SATs, lower GPA, higher percentage accepted. But the stats aren’t significantly different, so apply to both. The schools, however, have very different vibes…do your due diligence.</p>

Also note that opinions may be bias here, as you are in the tufts forum (then again, idk if you posted his in JH too)

Hey just wondering what you ended up deciding to do

@Anduar3‌ I decided to do ED to Middlebury (but there so selective so I’m not set on that) and I applied reg to both these schools because why the heck not I guess

oops they’re*

Oh sweet, I did ED to tufts so hopefully something good comes of it