Tufts vs. State School

<p>I've recently been accepted to Tufts through ED II and I got my financial aid package I would need to pay $3200 per year and work study is $1800. The rest is paid for by Tufts without loans. </p>

<p>However, my state school has a pledge scholarship which covers my tuition, room and board, and books with no loans since my family has an adjusted gross income below $40,000.</p>

<p>I've visited Tufts through their Voices program and fell in love with the school. It's the perfect fit for me so that's why I applied under early decision. I just don't know if it's worth going to my dream school and burdening my parents when I can go to my state school basically for free. I'd love to hear other people's opinions.</p>

<p>Tufts would be a total cost of attendance of $3,200 including tuition + room and board? </p>

<p>I believe, that if you were accepted under ED II, that you agreed to go to Tufts so long as it wasn't a financial burden. Unless I'm misunderstanding, I don't think $3,200/yr qualifies as too much of a financial burden?</p>

<p>Well my family's adjusted gross income is ~$10,000 and my efc that tufts calculated was 3000ish. That's not much of a financial burden imo. there's akways outside scholarships</p>

<p>You could have four years at Tufts for the cost of the four-year old subcompact car that you'd probably have to buy to get around UT-Knoxville. But at Tufts you don't need a car - you'll just hop on the T. If you were attracted to Tufts in the first place, it would qualitatively be a big leap up IMO. I'd take out a loan on Tufts instead of the used car.</p>

<p>To me if you love Tufts this is a no brainer ... </p>

I would need to pay $3200 per year and work study is $1800.


<p>You should be able to comfortably work 10 hours a week or so during school and that should come out to something more like $2500 rather than $1800 (so that is some of the gap). If you work during winter break and the summer you should be able to make another couple thousand dollars ... and the gap should be $1000 or less. Can your parents pay $1000 per year? Or are you willing to borrow about $4000 total to go to Tufts? If it's me I go for it.</p>

<p>A loan for $12,800 and a Tufts education > State school.</p>

<p>In this case, you can have your cake and eat it too, meaning you can go and not be a burden to your family. Taking out a Stafford loan (if nothing else is available) in order to cover that $3200 won't bury you in debt by the time you're finished. This is an affordable dream. You might have to spend a little extra the first winter equipping yourself for Northeastern winters, so budget accordingly. </p>

<p>(full disclosure: I'm a biased poster with a daughter at Tufts. But I'd never advise someone to attend at the cost of taking on massive debt.)</p>

<p>I just don't know if it's worth going to my dream school and burdening my parents </p>


<p>Why the HECK does it need to be a burden to your parents? You could probably go there without costing your parents ONE DIME.</p>

<p>Your grants for your state school are JUST for basic school costs....not personal expenses or travel or anything.....so it is NOT covering COA....and does the pledge also include work study??? </p>

<p>If Tufts is only expecting you to pay 3200 plus 1800 in work study...that's probably about the same price.</p>

<p>You're not comparing apples with apples. You're comparing COA vs "non-COA".</p>

<p>Besides that, you could earn that 3200 every summer at a summer job and/or borrow it with student loans (which is allowed at a no-loan school).</p>

<p>Does the Tufts FA package have a "student contribution" within that 3200? If so, how much is that? Many privates have a student contribution (summer earnings) of about 2500 or so. If so, that's what you should be providing, not your parents.</p>

<p>What is the cost breakdown of Tufts and what is your aid breakdown.</p>

<p>I wouldn't be surprised if you wouldn't really be paying more for Tufts.</p>

<p>I see that your state school is UTenn...</p>

<p>Cost of Attendance
--------------------------- *
Tuition & Fees....$8,396<br>
Room & Board.. $8,480 *
Books...............$1,448 .
Transportation $1,654 </p>

<h2>Personal .........$3,593 </h2>


<p>You need to compare apples with apples...</p>

<p>It sounds like Tenn may be giving you aid for the first 3 items on the list. They aren't giving you aid for the last 2 items ...which cost over $5k. </p>

<p>Those expenses are included in Tufts estimates of with Tufts expects you to pay ONLY 3200.</p>

<p>so, Tufts is probably cheaper or equal in cost..</p>

<p>Tenn isn't going to give you $23,571 in grants. It sounds like it's going to give you aid</p>

<p>@mom2collegekids: Tufts didn't send me a complete breakdown of what the financial aid package covers. It was mainly about the amount of COA their grants and federal grants would cover</p>

Total Expenses $59,300.00
Family Contribution $3,200.00
Need $56,100.00
The total package was $56050 with work study factored in </p>

The COA (copy and pasted):
Tuition & Fees $8,396<br>
Room & Board $8,480<br>
Subtotal $16,876
Indirect Costs<br>
Books $1,448
This is an estimate of what a student will spend on books for Fall and Spring.
Transportation $1,654<br>
This item is for budgeting purposes only and will not be billed to you.
Personal $3,593 </p>

<p>The pledge scholarship says this: The scholarship, when combined with other federal, state, and institutional aid, will cover a student’s mandatory costs—tuition, fees, room and board, and a book allowance as determined by UT—without the use of student loans.</p>

<p>I'm the first in my family to attend college so I don't understand how these financial aid packages work. My state school will not cover transportation or personal expenses however, it's only a 2 hour drive away so transportation would be inexpensive. I'm not sure what personal expenses covers. The pledge does not cover work study but the school does have a work study program available. Since transportation expenses aren't applicable to me at my state school, wouldn't the pledge scholarship cover the majority of my cost of attendance (with personal expenses being the exception)?</p>

<p>Sorry, disregard my last comment I didn't see that you found the UTK costs mom2collegekids. What do you mean exactly by "Tenn isn't going to give you $23,571 in grants. It sounds like it's going to give you aid"?</p>

<p>Here is a calculator that will help get this to Apples-to-Apples: FinAid</a> | Calculators | Award Letter Comparison Tool</p>

<p>Personal expenses is everything else: clothes, laundry, pizza, comic books, notebooks, printer ink, paper, etc. How much do you spend now for this kind of thing?</p>

<p>Oops....I meant to write....</p>

<p>UTenn is only going to give you aid for tuition, R&B, and books....not for personal expenses and transportation. So you need to compare apples with apples.</p>

<p>Personal expenses are the daily and misc expenses that college kids experience.....these can be about $3k-5k per year, depending on the student. UTenn isn't including any of that in the pledge/promise or whatever it's called.</p>

<p>Even if UTenn is only 2 hours away, you will have transportation expenses. My younger son is 2 1/2 hours away....because he's not too far away, he comes home a bit more often than my older son who is much further away. So, lots of gas. Will you have a car on campus? If so, then there will be parking lot expense, car insurance, etc.</p>

<p>"Personal expenses is everything else: clothes, laundry, pizza, comic books, notebooks, printer ink, paper, etc. How much do you spend now for this kind of thing?"</p>

<p>yes to those things and more....however, I don't know if asking how much you currently spend on those kinds of things will get the right answer. Neither of my kids spent much in high school....however, college is very different...you're living away....constantly with friend who are constantly inviting you to things....many kids don't use their meal plans on weekends....college kids can spend 50-100 in a weekend going off campus to eat.</p>

<p>BTW...check out what each school's meal plan covers in their COAs...many meal plans in the COAs are not covering 21 meals per week....some only cover school days, so kids have to use pocket money for weekend meals and snacks.</p>