Tufts vs Vassar - Where to transfer from NYU?

<p>I spent my freshman year at NYU, and decided to transfer for a few reasons (I love NYC, but I can live there later on in life - now is the only time to be an undergrad; I felt lost in a huge student body in a huge city; no campus means non-traditional campus life - you're more or less on your own to find activities, socializing, etc.). I applied to some smaller schools with a more traditional campus and greater sense of community.</p>

<p>I'm now deciding between Tufts and Vassar. Any advice, recommendations, etc. are greatly appreciated. Here is my current thinking so far - feel free to correct or put a different spin on any of the concerns I have. Thanks!</p>

-Larger student body with different types of people
-Huge array of activities
-Nearby Davis Square is a neat area</p>

-Majors would be good for me but not ideal
-Proximity to Boston takes away from on-campus life (?)</p>

-Small class sizes
-Majors I'd be happy with (Urban studies and geography)
-Gorgeous campus</p>

-Isolated campus
-Too small?
-Attracts a certain 'set' of people - not sure if I'd fit in</p>