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<p>Son just heard that tufts is taking no one from their waitlist this year. He's glad the wait is over and will be going to BC. Did anyone else hear? And last year tufts had a "summer extended waitlist" that went to mid-August and apparently ended up taking no one from that list either. Wondering if Tufts this year has a summer extended list?</p>

<p>You should not worry about this.
BC is a <em>much</em> better school than Tufts.</p>

<p>^ Is that a joke? Tufts is probably the most underrated top 30 university in the nation. BC is good but Tufts is simply better.</p>

<p>If you were to ask around CC what the most overrated school in the whole US is, I would guess Tufts would win by a considerable margin.</p>

<p>BC is a far better school by a vast margin. And guess what? It's also full of students who actually <em>want</em> to go there. They didn't name it "Tufts Syndrome" for nothing!</p>

<p>(I don't have a connection to either school, so I don't have a horse in this race)</p>

<p>soze, I truly don't find your post all that helpful. You post opinion as fact. To say that BC is much better than Tufts is your opinion and you give no basis to substantiate your opinion, nor do you have first hand experience at either school. </p>

<p>In terms of selectivity, the schools are pretty close. I happen to have the latest stats for the newest admitted class to Tufts and they admitted 24.5%. The mean class rank of admitted students was 6% and 85% are in the top 10% of their HS class. The mean SAT scores for those admitted were: CR 706, M 712, W 710. I don't have BC's most recent admitted class stats but prior to that, their acceptance rate was 26%. 80% came from the top 10% of their HS class . The mean SATs were 1960-2250 or CR/M 1250-1430. So, in terms of being admitted to either school, the odds are in a similar ballpark. </p>

<p>Oh, if you are into rankings (I'm not)....Tufts is ranked 28 and BC is ranked 34. Pretty close there. </p>

<p>Those are the facts. </p>

BC is a far better school by a vast margin. And guess what? It's also full of students who actually <em>want</em> to go there. They didn't name it "Tufts Syndrome" for nothing!


<p>Um, that is so not true. Just from personal experience, I can tell you that Tufts was my first choice school (and I enrolled). It was my husband's first choice school (he applied ED and attended). For one of my kids, it was one of her top three favorites and in fact, she preferred it over an Ivy she was admitted to (Penn). She did choose to go to Brown but it came down to her two faves of all her acceptances, Tufts and Brown. She'd have been thrilled to have attended Tufts. She wanted to go there. I have met many Tufts students who LOVE THE SCHOOL. It is not the case that everyone there did not want to go! </p>

<p>I don't even think your post is all that appropriate to the thread. I see no purpose in it, besides the fact that it is full of unsubstantiated opinion that you don't even give your reasons for. What purpose does it serve but to bash Tufts?? Apparently the OP's son had interest in attending Tufts. </p>

<p>To the OP.....sorry if your son wanted Tufts that they did not go to the wait list this year. Their yield was higher than usual. It was 37%. That is why they didn't need the wait list. However, I think your son has a wonderful opportunity at BC. While the schools differ in some ways, the one way they don't really differ is in the quality of the education and in the selectivity. I'm glad he got into a school of this caliber. Sounds like he came close at Tufts as well and so bravo!</p>

<p>In my huge sample of two, my son and a friend from a few classes back who applied ED, Tufts was absolutely a top choice. No opinion on BC, it wasn't on son's radar.</p>

<p>As for the waitlist question, AdmissionsDan hasn't said anything, but rumor (including the school paper) believe they won't go to the waitlist this year.</p>

<p>This thread is interesting to someone who grew up in Massachusetts. In the days when I was considering schools, Tufts (well, in those days for me it was Jackson, the girls college side of Tufts U) was seen as a very prestigious school by those in the state, while BC was just that local Catholic college that no one who wasn't Catholic would dream of attending (I'd say right on a par with the way Providence College was regarded, and maybe still is regarded, by RI residents). Tufts had a national reputation, BC had none. The were no USNWR or similar published rankings in those days, but I'm sure BC would have been far down any list. In fact, BU had a better reputation than BC back then. I have no dog in this fight (turned down Jackson for Brandeis because I decided I didn't want to attend a girls school), but I find it fascinating that BC was able to improve its status so drastically over the years. I wasn't even aware of its enhanced reputation until an SAT tutor suggested it as a college for my D, and my immediate response was--uh, no we're not Catholic, whyever would she want to go there? In any event, I'd say that in my New England area today, BC attracts those who are more interested in a sports-oriented, fratty, preppy atmosphere, while Tufts appeals to those who don't have an interest in those qualities. I doubt many apply to both.</p>

<p>My son rec'd official letter today saying no one was being taken off the waitlist for Tufts. He is actually relieved it's over. I also was a Jackson student until I got tired of all the pre-med, pre-vet and pre-dental students who were so stressed over their classes. I switched to engineering and actually enjoyed the next three years. BC should be a good fit for my son and he is already talking about Tufts as a graduate school!</p>

<p>soozie, are those Class of 2014 SAT scores? Would love a link!</p>

<p>Here are the stats from 2013 per Profile</a> of the Class of 2013 - Office of Undergraduate Admissions - Tufts University -- mean accepted is 724 CR, 725 M, 727 W
Coffin's speech to the incoming 2013 class (9/2/09) says

Eighty-five percent graduated in the top 10% of their high school class, including 56 valedictorians, 28 salutatorians, and 56 National Merit Scholars. The entering class also posted a record-setting testing profile with mean SAT scores of 709 Critical Reading, 712 Math and 714 Writing. The (two-part) combined score of 1421 is also an all-time high.


<p>FWIW, S2 reports there are several kids on the 2014 FB group who turned down UChicago for Tufts (mine included). BC was never on the table at our house.</p>

<p>My D turned down BC for Tufts. I agree that both are excellent schools but the numbers do not support BC being better than Tufts. At our public MA high school only 1-2 students have been admitted to Tufts per year over the last few years (including the Vals this year and last) while 6-8 students have been admitted to BC each year. The numbers are similar at other area public and private high schools.</p>

<p>Our public high school in CT also has similar numbers for acceptances (1-2 for Tufts, 6-8 for BC). However, since BC is a much larger school than Tufts, could that be the reason why BC accepts more students than Tufts?</p>

<p>The soze guy said that the CC community would think Tufts is the MOST overrated school in the entire nation. LMAO. That immediately makes his argument an idiotic one. It is generally known that Tufts is underrated.</p>

<p>Countingdown....the statistics I quoted for the class of 2014 at Tufts is from a very recent email I received from Tufts Admissions that went out to Tufts alumni interviewers, of which I am one. So, I don't have a "link."</p>

<p>You guys need to calm down. You're not even answering the original question. Both schools are great.</p>


<p>How come my contention that Tufts is overrated is "idiotic" whist your contention that it's underrated is supposedly sound?</p>

<p>Here's an actual data point for you:
Tufts is supposedly a research university (as opposed to an LAC, hence its presence on the USNWR "national universities" list).</p>

<p>How come Tufts is nowhere to be found on this list?
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_American_Universities%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_American_Universities&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>You're obviously right, Soze. Wikipedia is always the prime source for serious research on the quality of American colleges. If Tufts didn't join that organization, or even if Wikipedia just thinks Tufts didn't join that organization, it must be awful. And all the students there are miserable that they had to go to their 18th choice school. Your posts are incredibly valuable.</p>

Well, I was just using the Wikipedia link because it was convenient. Here's the identical list from the AAU directly:
Association</a> of American Universities</p>

<p>I never said or implied anything about the students being miserable or anything of the kind. I simply pointed out the inconsistency of Tufts classifying themselves as a research university and their lack of membership in the Association of American Universities. Sorry that I think it's a legitimate question. You seem to think that Tufts is a better school than I do. Might I ask upon which facts are you basing this?</p>

<p>I see that Boston College is also not on that list, soze. Isn't it also classified as a research university? It should probably be noted here that Dartmouth and Notre Dame are also not on the Wikipedia list (and that none of this answers the op's original question).</p>

<p>The Carnegie Foundation also has a listing of research universities. Their top category contains Tufts, but not Boston College. See Carnegie</a> Classifications | Basic Classification and find the link to "RU/VH: Research Universities (very high research activity)."</p>

<p>soze, you'd likely be shocked that my D's roommate has chosen Tufts for grad school OVER her acceptances to grad school at Columbia, Yale, and Brown. She went to Brown undergrad. Many people choose Tufts because they want to attend, believe it or not!</p>