Tuition Exchange at Skidmore

Daughter is a rising high school senior and highly interested in Skidmore. Wondering your experience if you received TE at Skidmore. Anything about the process we should know for TE and if you could share your stats if you received TE or not.

Any other Skidmore experiences appreciated too! Thank you!

I am currently a skidkid. I am not sure about the tuition exchange but Financial Aid of skidmore is pretty generous. You can expect 4w dollars/yr on avrg. Also, Skidmore is great school where people truly care about you. You can reach out to professors whenever you like. They are literally the warmest people I’ve ever met. So just apply to Skidmore and don’t let the tuition stop you!

As to the stats, my friend get 1420/1600 in SAT and receives 30,000 dollars finialcial aid annually. But you can apply more if you need more. The amount of money they give you really depends on your family situation. Although a higher SAT score will give you the courage to apply more FA, average FA at Skidmore is already generous comparing to other school. Good Luck!