Tuition Increase?

I’ve heard from different sources and students that Wofford plans on increasing tuition soon within the next four years, up to a $10,000 increase, because of all of the new buildings and projects they’ve begun constructing recently. This is a little worrisome for me, as with the (generous, gratefully) merit scholarships I’ve been given currently, Wofford is my cheapest and best option. But considering such an increase, Wofford is more than double the price of my other big options…so it’s quite the difference for me to keep in mind.

Does anyone know how possible an increase so large could be?

It is difficult to determine what future increases in tuition may hold. Tuition has increased pretty consistently in terms of percentage from year to year over the past several years. This coming year’s tuition, will be increasing at a similar percentage to previous years. The 2015-2016 comprehensive fee for residential students is $49,885. However, it is bit of a myth that increases in tuition will be going toward new facilities. The generosity of donors will be financing the construction of the new performing arts center, arena, and greek village, all of which will start construction within the year- In other words, your tuition dollars will not be going toward the construction of these new facilities. Wofford also has other projects in the works such as the renovation of Greene Residence Hall this Summer. It is definitely difficult to project the future but its doubtful Wofford would disproportionately increase tuition within a year. If you have questions about historical increases in tuition and fees, I would direct them to the financial aid office.