Tuition increase

<p>I just noticed that Ithaca tuition will go up 6.3% next year and room and board up 5.2%, bringing total for next year to $ 35,509.</p>

<p>Anyone successful in negotiating the financial aid package as first delivered or at least getting them to re-evaluate your case? </p>

<p>We were very disappointed but not sure if it is worth the effort or how to approach it. </p>

<p>They are by far the most costly bottom line of all the offers on the table. Any advice?</p>

<p>I felt the same way also. My daughter got a few thousand more at Syracuse. She is still undecided as to where to go, but will definitely choice Syracuse over Ithaca. </p>

<p>Call the financial office, and tell them that Ithaca is your daughters first choice, and you just cant see how you can do it on the aid that they gave you. I bet you they will look at it and give you a $1000 or two more. It doesn't hurt, all they can say is no...</p>

<p>Chrism - I wrote a long response to your private message about waitlist purgatory, but your inbox is full. Please unload it a little so I can send it!</p>

<p>For what this info may be worth to you at this late date, I met with Ithaca Financial Aid in person two days ago and presented my financial situation in detail and was very clear that we simply could not manage the package they offered. Also, I stated up front that my D wants very much to enroll at Ithaca but that this would be entirely contigent on affordability -- that I could close my eyes and say, "Well, we'll find some way to do it," but I know this would never work; she would wind up dropping out during freshman year for $ reasons -- and this is just the plain truth. They were very responsive -- saw the logic of my numbers immediately and came up with a proposed, much more manageable package which included substantial need-based aid that I now qualify for, now that I've clarified the details of my situation. I am a single mom with no support from her father, and I am currently under-employed and paying my own health insurance, etc., so our case is pretty clear. Less than an hour ago I got confirmation and accepted the new award package, and she will be enrolling there....what a relief. Again, it's late to be informing folks of this, but in case anyone is reading this post for future reference, do know that the financial aid people at Ithaca are responsive and reasonable -- they are also VERY smart and refreshingly articulate; they communicate clearly and thoroughly, and with obvious compassion. This was a positive experience all-around. They're good people, I think, whether or not the results are what you are hoping for, so I would encourage negotiation if you feel it's called for.</p>

<p>Mom in PA - a relative of mine had exacly the same experience of Ithaca's financial aid people. His situation changed, so he went up in person to explain. They truly listened, and he said they were very understanding. They said they would consider his amended filing. He didn't really expect anything, and D was pretty sad. Then in the mail came a revised package ! Very, very responsive people.</p>