Tuition payment question

<p>incoming freshman: My last day to acess the Registration page was on July 17 and today(19th) i was going to pay my tuition bill with the option of "pay with financial aid" but the page says registration is not open at this time. Do any of you know if i still can pay w/fin aid?</p>

<p>Yes you will still be able to pay for your tuition with financial aid.... but not now. You're not even able to pay yet. And you don't pay through the registration page, you pay through the "my tuition bill" page.</p>

<p>Yeah i know we dont pay through the registration page the thing is I dont see that link "pay with financial" anymore and my tution bill page says i dont owe anything when i already have a schedule with 16 hours and dont want to get droped.</p>

<p>Everyone's tuition bill states they don't owe anything right now. In a few days, I'm not really sure when, it will post what you actually owe. And if you've accepted your financial aid, they automatically use that to pay your tuition. So because I accepted my grant for 2700ish, when I go to pay, it'll only read that I owe 1300 or so.</p>

<p>i believe it's the 21st (tomorrow)</p>