Tuition rate code

What would be the best tuition rate code to choose? I have three options, TLR1718 Calculated Rate Code, TLR1920 Current Year Rate Code, and TVR_VARI Variable Rate Code. I am confused between the difference between the calculated rate code and current year rate code

the TLR fixed code numbers goes with the academic term. If a freshman, than you would choose 1920 or the variable rate. The 1718 is for 2 years ago. If a transfer student, they could choose that if they started any college in the 2017 term. Unless this has changed since my daughter transferred in 2016 or my son started last year. We did fixed for my daughter and variable for my son. Time will tell which was best for him!

I see this request in my son’s profile as well. Does it mean he’s accepted to the school already? What is the difference if he chooses fixed or variable? If he chooses fixed, does that mean that it will stay the same? Will he still pay as he goes or there’s a pre payment? If variable is selected, how does it work? Thank you so much!

@icedmachiato Fixed is fixed for the 4 years. So as long as he takes minimum of 12 hours, then he will pay the same tuition rate. HOWEVER, other things do vary when it comes to fees. AND if he takes any distance education (some of the online classes, not all), there’s an additional tuition charge. It’s crazy. If Variable, you’ll go with the economic flow. My son is variable (he’s a sophomore) and he’s paying less than a junior who did fixed. It’s a crap shoot. There’s no prepayment. You will get the tuition bill before semester begins. You have the option to pay in full or pay $15 or maybe it’s $25, can’t remember to do an installment plan (tuition divided by 4 payments).

Clear as mud?

Yeah, clear as mud. Like buying a house but you don’t have the option to refinance :smiley: Thanks for the explanation. I think interest has been good that’s probably why your son is paying less than the fixed junior who signed three - four years ago? I’m gonna take my bet and take fixed. When one’s asked to choose these, does it mean that s/he’s already accepted? Or this is for everyone applied? Thanks.

I haven’t heard. It sounds like it wouldn’t allow you to choose one unless you have been accepted. And you don’t have to choose just yet. You just have to do it by the NSC.(new student conference).

Yeah, I’m not sure why he has that option. Hope it’s a good sign.

What would y’all recommend for Blinn Team. My daughter is going in with Sophmore credits too. We did the fixed for my son who was full admission (no Blinn Team.)…I am so confused. Help

I have a better understanding so please disregard previous question.