Tuition Unit Thingamajig Question

<p>College of Arts and Science (Undergraduate)
Full time students, tuition, 12 to 18 units flat rate, per term $19,672.00
Nonreturnable registration and services fee for flat rate, per term $1,131.00
Nonreturnable College of Arts Science Academic Support Fee, per term $25.00
Additional tuition, 19 or more units per term, per unit
(includes a nonreturnable registration and services fee of $61.00)<br>
Tuition, per unit $1,159.00
Nonreturnable registration and services fee:
First unit Fall Term 2011 $418.00
First unit Spring Term 2012 $432.00
Nonreturnable registration and services fee, per unit, for registration after first unit</p>

<p>Is the tuition per unit the rate should you decide to pay by the units you take in a term and what is the difference between that and the "units flat rate ($19672)"?</p>

<p>What if one were to take up the minimum required 12 credits only? Would tuition be $30978 a year?</p>

<p>No. It means that if you want to take more than 18 units, you have to pay for the extra units on top of your tuition. If you want to take fewer than 12 units, you may no longer be considered a full-time student.</p>

<p>In addition to the 12 courses for a major, you would also have to take all required or distribution courses. One cannot just take courses related to a major.</p>

<p>"12 courses for the major"</p>

<p>The majors I know of only take 9 to 10. What major requires 12?</p>

<p>"One cannot just take courses related to a major."
If you have specific major(s) and minor(s) you can actually only ever take major/minor courses and never take area requirement courses. MAP courses can often be fulfilled with major/minor courses or completing specific majors or minors.</p>

<p>@Chedva whoops, my bad about the minimum units thing.</p>

<p>@NYU2013 Comp Sci if I read it right :p . Under major it listed 7 cores and asks for 5 electives.</p>

<p>If you'd take 18 units every semester, majoring in comp sci, and finish the reqs for the major within 2 years (plus the MAP) can you graduate already or do you still have to wander around adopting courses for another 2 years? (Sorry about the college noob questions, I'm like a lost headless chicken with these things)</p>

<p>In order to get an undergraduate degree..your total number of credits will be in the ballpark of 125 to 130 credits. That is a generalization, but most college adhere to that as a basic blueprint to receive an undergraduate degree.</p>

<p>Within that frame work there are majors that require more credits and those that require fewer. If your major concentration requires fewer, than you still need to fulfill the parameters the schools sets out to be rewarded a degree.</p>

<p>Some schools have very specific requirements, others are very loose and will allow you to have many elective classes.</p>

<p>But you still need to take the total amount of credits needed to graduate with an undergraduate degree.</p>

<p>Schools will usually allow you to go summers or take more classes per semester in order to graduate in fewer than 4 years. But the requirements still need to be fufilled.</p>

<p>Getting back to your original question, if you register for 12 to 18 credits as a full time student, you will be paying $19,672 per semester plus fees. More than likely you will need to do that for 8 semesters taking an average of 15 or 16 credits per term.</p>

<p>You cannot be a matriculated student and take you classes paying per unit. So there is not a way of saving money by paying per unit.</p>

<p>At NYU, the College of Arts & Sciences requires 128 credits for graduation. You cannot just take the credits for the computer science major (which, if I'm reading your post correctly, total 72) and get a bachelor's degree.</p>

<p>^^^ </p>

<p>Comp sci would require 48 credits, assuming all classes were 5 credits. Not 72. </p>

<p>12 Classes for the major x 4 credits per class = 48 credits.</p>

<p>Ah, thanks, NYU2013. Still far short of the requirements for graduation, anyway.</p>